Feb 27 -
Mar 01
Grand Targhee Powder Camp

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The 'Ghee Freeride Ski & Snowboard Team

Mike Leake

Website(s): tetonfreeride.com
Social: Facebook.com, Vimeo.com & YouTube.com
Nickname: Mikey
Hometown/Resort: Teton Valley, ID / Grand Targhee Resort
Birthday: 8/19/1981
Sponsors: Grand Targhee Resort, Marmot, Scarpa, Smith Optics & Helmets, Volkl Skis, Marker Bindings, Core Concepts &Skullcandy

Hi readers! I, Mike "Mikey" Leake, can generally be found playing in the Tetons and ski patrolling at Grand Targhee Resort. I’m a long-time resident of Teton Valley, Idaho located on the west side of the Teton Mountain Range.

Over the past 12 or 13 years I have been involved in the outdoor industry in many ways. In addition to skiing at a professional level since the age of 17, I am a longtime competitor of the Freeskiing World Tour, brand & resort ambassador, team manager, marketing consultant, producer, coach, event coordinator, International Freeskiing Association (IFSA) judge and advisory board member. Lately much of my attention has been dedicated to the Junior Freeskiing Tour and incorporating the freeskiing/freeride movement into Grand Targhee Resort's overall plan.

When I’m not skiing I likee to spend his time sailing, whitewater rafting, hiking, backpacking, mtn biking, caving, canyoning, climbing, etc. Oh, I also happen to be a Civil Engineer as well. Thank you for checking out my bio and please see below for links to my website, videos, and more!

Recent Featured Production Appearances:

  • Futuristic Films/Marmot: 2012/13 Marmot commercial
  • Futuristic Films/Marmot: 2011/12 television show & film Backyards
  • Futuristic Films/Marmot: 2010/11 Marmot commercial
  • KGB Productions: 2009 Freedom Riders
  • Coreshot Productions: 2007 Linescore
  • Storm Show Studios:
    • 2010 Magic Moments
    • 2006 Trial & Air
    • 2005 Storshow Sutdios
    • 2004 Sleeping Giants
    • 2004 Falling Forward
    • 2003 The Precious
    • 2002 Whoopee

Gary Mackenzie

Social: Facebook.com
Nickname: G Mack & Rasta
Hometown/Resort: Alta WY / Grand Targhee Resort
Birthday: March, 1 1983
Sponsors: 4 FRNT Skis & Patagonia, Habitat High Altitude Provisions

I was born and raised in Driggs, Idaho. I grew up spending my winters up at Grand Targhee. A member of the Grand Targhee Ski Team from an early age, I alpine raced until I was 18. Once I graduated from the ski team, I stayed on to helped coach new up and comers. From 18 on, I have transitioned my focus to Steep, Deep, and Fluid Freeskiing. Freeskiing gives me the freedom to ski on whatever makes me the most stoked: Jumps, Cliffs, Fast, Slow, Butters, Switch, Straight… Visualize it and do it. My brother and I started competing on the Subaru Freeskiing World Tour in 2009. I plan on entering again this season. 2010/11 was one for the books! I missed a ton of work and had a great day everyday! I ended up paying the price in late March while skiing with some friends from Powder Mag with a season-ending ACL/meniscus tear, but those last few days and final turns, were so banger!!! I’ve been out things are feeling good…So stoked to be back!

Max Mackenzie

Social: Facebook.com
Nickname: Max The Hammer
Hometown/Resort: Alta, WY / Grand Targheee Resort
Birthday: March 17, 1986
Sponsors: Grand Targhee Resort, 4FRNT Skis, Habitat High Altitude Provisisons, Smith Optics & Helmets

My name is Maxwell Mackenzie. I was raised in and currently reside in Alta Wyoming. I am fortunate enough to ski some of the lightest, driest, deepest snow in the country. As a youngster, I spent my winters racing and training with our local club team, Grand Targhee Ski Education Foundation. At 17, I decided that racing was not my forte, so gave it up explore more aspects of skiing and to discover what else was out there for me. After giving up my race career, I moved to Montana to ski Big Sky and the surrounding resorts and peaks. Montana is nice, but it only made me homesick for the Tetons. Now back at Targhee, I plan to spend this winter competing in the Freeskiing World Tour, representing Grand Targhee. You will also find me here, playing in our annual 500”! Come lap it with me. See you out there.

Danny Walton

Website(s): www.MountainNiceness.com
Social: Facebook.com
Nickname: Irie
Hometown/Resort: Ketchum, ID / Sun Valley
Birthday: July, 20 1972
Sponsors: K2, Scarpa, Mammut, Smith Optics, Asterisk, Cleveland Coffee Co, Mt. Khakis

I grew up slaying the skiing mecca of Cleveland, Ohio. Plenty of snow provided me with ample time to teach my the beautiful telemark turn. Each day after school I could be found out exploring and doing laps on tiny hills. When we mention tiny hills, we mean good for five to six tele turns.

Always stoked, I gained the nick-name Irie for my love of Reggae music and positive outlook. I currently produce the Marley in the Mountains concert weekends. I like to compare Reggae rhythms to telemark skiing and I try to carry this same energy into telemark skiing. I am a true advocate telemark skiing and one thing is certain: I am stoked and ready to spread my passion.
See you on the slopes!

Kolton Smith

Website(s): tetonfreeride.com
Social: Facebook.com, Vimeo.com & Hookit.com
Nickname: That's The Guy Who Stole My Girlfriend
Hometown/Resort: Idaho Falls, ID / Grand Targhee Resort
Birthday: January 13, 1993
Sponsors: Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Gopro, Causwell Clothing, Joystick Poles, Surface Skis, Nayborhood Snow and Skate Shop

I am an 18 year old skier from Idaho who grew up racing (12 years in the gates). I’ve skied Targhee my whole life and have grown completely loyal to the deep powder and culture that surrounds the mountain. I have been competing in Big Mountain competitions and freestyle events for the last few years and love freeriding and freestyle skiing more than words can even express. I have competed in competitions in Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado and I plan on competing in several stops of the Freeride World Tour this year along with multiple stops of the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. I love filming and editing and some of my major goals for this season include getting the perfect film segment with a large section of the video coming from Grand Targhee’s endless snow. I also plan on adding several new double flips to my freestyle game along with competing in as many competitions as possible. Goal for this season: To gain more experience in the backcountry and avalanche safety knowledge.

Olyvia Weston

Website(s): OlyviaWeston.weebly.com
Social: Facebook.com
Nickname: Lyv
Hometown/Resort: Idaho Falls, ID \ Grand Targhee Resort
Birthday: June, 27 1994
Sponsors: Head Snowboards, Oakley Optics

I have been riding for 11 years. I started out skiing at the age of 2 and switched over to snowboarding at the age of 6 when I saw how much fun my grandpa, Leon “Slim” Weston, and others were having when they were shredding on their boards. Growing up near Grand Targhee has allowed me to become an all around rider. I have endless memories of going up to the hill with my grandpa, Slim, who has always been and continues to be my number ONE fan. I love to ride with my friends at my home mountain. Throughout the years I have visited many different resorts around the U.S. to ride and compete, but Grand Targhee Resort will always be the true backbone of where my riding comes from. I want to take snowboarding as far as it will let me go no matter what stands in my way, in addition to helping to progress the sport. When it comes down to it... I just love to snowboard!!!

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