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Targhee Travel & Transportation Info

ID Road Conditions

WY Road Conditions

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  • Grand Targhee Resort is nestled above the secluded Teton Valley Idaho. 48 miles from Jackson Hole, WY and 85 miles from Idaho Falls, ID.  The expansive alpine valley provides an astounding journey, with one of the most scenic drives in the entire country, so have your camera at the ready!

    The drive between Jackson Hole Airport and Grand Targhee Resort takes about 1.5 hour. The drive between Idaho Falls Airport and Grand Targhee Resort takes about 2 hours. During winter there can occasionally be highway closures and it is always a good idea to check the road reports.

    Flying into Teton Area Airports

    Jackson Hole (JAC)

    • Airline Carriers serviced by: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Skywest Airlines and United Airlines seasonally.
    • Direct Flights to and from: Denver, Salt Lake City, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.
    • Shuttle and Taxi Services from Jackson Hole Airport.
    • Rental Car Services from Jackson Hole Airport.

    Idaho Falls (IDA)

    • Airline Carriers serviced by: Allegiant Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Seaport Airlines
    • Direct Flights to and from: Long Beach, Phoenix/Mesa, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Denver, Boise
    • Rental Car Services from Idaho Falls Airport.

    Driggs, Idaho

    Private aircraft can be accommodated at the Driggs, ID FBO, only 15 miles from Grand Targhee (23 minutes).

    Distances from Grand Targhee Resort
    Jackson Hole Airport 48 miles
    Town of Jackson, WY 42 miles
    Teton Village, WY 43 miles
    Idaho Falls Airport 86 miles
    Grand Teton National Park (South Entrance) 85 miles
    Yellowstone National Park (West Entrance) 107 miles

    Jackson Hole National Flight Map

    Jackson Airport Shuttle

    Grand Targhee Resort is now offering airport shuttle service to and from the Jackson Airport. Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to your arrival date or 48 hours prior to your departure date.

    Cost is $130 per party with a maximum of 7 guests.

    Grand Targhee Resort Shuttle to JAC (Pick-Up at Lodging Check-in)
    9:30am Grand Targhee Shuttle for the Following Departing Flights from Jackson Hole Airport. Shuttle will arrive at JAC at 11:00am

    • LAX (12:15p daily)
    • Newark (12:30p daily)
    • SFO (12:40 daily)
    • ATL (12:50p daily)
    • CHI (1p daily)
    • DEN (1:30p daily)
    • Minn (1:30p daily)
    • SLC (1:27p daily)

    Flight times are subject to change

    Jackson Hole Airport Arrivals
    Shuttle Service to Grand Targhee Resort
    1:15pm Pick-up from JAC includes these arrivals: (arrive at GTR est. 2:45pm)

    • Dulles (11:30a daily)
    • LAX (11:40a daily)
    • Newark (11:45a daily)
    • ATL (noon daily+sat)
    • CHI (noon daily)
    • SLC (12:08p daily)
    • Dallas (12:40p daily+sat)
    • DEN (12:47p daily)
    • Houston (12:45p daily)
    • Minn (12:49p daily)
    • SFO (12:45p daily)

    Flight times are subject to change

    5:15pm Pick-up Includes these arrivals: (arrive at GTR est. 6:45pm)

    • SFO (3:30-3:50p daily)
    • Denver (4:40p daily)

    9:00pm Pick-up includes these arrivals: (arrive at GTR est. 10:30pm)

    • Dallas (7:30p daily)
    • CHI (8p daily)
    • DEN (8:15p daily)
    • SLC (8:57p daily)

    Driving to Grand Targhee Resort

    Grand Targhee Resort is a short drive from Jackson Hole, WY airport or Idaho Falls, ID airport.  Rental cars are available at both airports.  Private aircraft can be accommodated at the Driggs, ID FBO, only 15 miles from Grand Targhee (23 minutes).

    Directions from Jackson Hole Airport

    • Exit airport. Turn right on Hwy. 89/191.
    • Go to the town square in Jackson (square will be on your left).
    • Turn right on Broadway towards Wilson, Hwy. 22.
    • Turn right on Hwy. 22/Teton Pass-Wilson ("Y" intersection at Phillips 66 station, follow right lane for exit).
    • Go through Wilson, WY. and over Teton Pass (Hwy. 22, steep mountain pass, 10% grades, beautiful views).
    • Idaho state line is at west base of pass. WY. Hwy. 22 becomes Idaho Hwy. 33.
    • Follow Hwy. 33 through Victor, Id. to Driggs, Id. Turn right at the traffic light and Key Bank (Ski Hill Road).
    • Follow Ski Hill Road for about 6 blocks. You will reach a fork. Bear left and continue on Ski Hill Road.
    • Remain on Ski Hill Road through Alta, WY.
    • Ski Hill Road ends at Grand Targhee Resort.

    Directions from Idaho Falls Airport:

    • Exit airport and turn left on Grandview Drive/Hwy. 20 (towards West Yellowstone).
    • Proceed on Hwy. 20 for approximately 30 miles.
    • After the third Rexburg exit and at the next exit, you will see a brown sign that reads "Targhee Recreation Area, Teton Hwy. 33" on the right.
    • Take that exit and stay on Hwy. 33 to Driggs, Id.
    • Go through town and turn left at the traffic light and Key Bank on to Ski Hill Road.
    • Follow Ski Hill Road for about 6 blocks. You will reach a fork. Bear left and the road becomes Ski Hill Road.
    • Remain on Ski Hill Road through Alta, WY, Ski Hill Road ends at Grand Targhee Resort.

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    Driving Directions (71k)

    Driving Map (434k)

    Teton Valley Shuttles to Grand Targhee Resort


    Grand Targhee Resort will be running the daily shuttle service all winter season. The daily shuttle service provides an affordable transportation alternative to and from the resort.

    Shuttle Rates

    Shuttle Pass Options Price
    Single ride rate.
    $ 2
    Punch Cards
    (12 Ride Punch Pack)
    Season Pass
    (Unlimited shuttle rides)

    *Punch cards and season passes are available for sale at the Activity Center.

    **Public parking available behind the Community Center (west side) and on Little Avenue. Shuttle parking is prohibited adjacent to Barrels and Bins, behind Corner Drug Store, and at Teton Creek Resort.

    Route #1 Shuttle Schedule

    Route #1: Runs 7 days per week
    Victor Driggs 5th Street Teton Creek GTR GTR Teton Creek 5th Street Driggs Victor
    6:54am 7:08am 7:11am 7:21am 7:40am 7:45am 8:04am 8:14am 8:17am 8:31am
    8:35am 8:49am 8:52am 9:02am 9:21am
    4:25pm 4:44pm 4:54pm *4:57pm* 5:20pm
    5:25pm 5:39pm 5:42pm 5:52pm 6:11pm 6:15pm 6:34pm 6:44pm 6:47pm 7:01pm

    *4:57 will continue to Buffalo Junction before continuing to Victor

    Route #2 Shuttle Schedule

    Route #2: Runs 7 days per week
    Buffalo Jct. Driggs 5th Street Teton Creek GTR GTR Teton Creek 5th Street Driggs Buffalo Jct.
    6:40am 6:45am 6:48am 6:58am 7:17am 7:22am 7:41am 7:51am 7:54am 7:59am
    7:59am 8:04am 8:07am 8:17am 8:36am 8:41am 9:00am 9:10am 9:13am 9:18am
    9:18am 9:23am 9:26am 9:36am 9:55am 10:00am 10:19am 10:29am 10:32am 10:37am
    10:37am 10:42am 10:45am 10:55am 11:14am 11:19am 11:38am 11:48am 11:51am 11:56am
    11:56am 12:01pm 12:04pm 12:14pm 12:33pm 12:38pm 12:57pm 1:07pm 1:10pm 1:15pm
    2:04pm 2:09pm 2:12pm 2:22pm 2:41pm 2:46pm 3:05pm 3:15pm 3:18pm 3:23pm
    3:23pm 3:28pm 3:31pm 3:41pm 4:00pm 4:05pm 4:24pm 4:34pm 4:37pm 4:42pm
    4:42pm 4:47pm 4:50pm 5:00pm 5:19pm 5:24pm 5:43pm 5:53pm 5:56pm 6:01pm
    6:01pm 6:06pm 6:09pm 6:19pm 6:38pm 6:43pm 7:02pm 7:12pm 7:15pm 7:20pm
    7:20pm 7:25pm 7:28pm 7:38pm 7:57pm 8:02pm 8:21pm 8:31pm 8:34pm 8:39pm
    8:39pm 8:44pm 8:47pm 8:57pm 9:16pm 9:21pm 9:40pm 9:50pm 9:53pm 9:58pm

    Route #3 Shuttle Schedule (Holidays and Saturdays)

    Holiday Service is available daily Decemeber 20, 2014 though January 4, 2015
    Saturday Service is available December 20, 2104 through April 4, 2015.

    Route #3: Runs Holidays and Saturdays only
    Driggs 5th Street Teton Creek GTR GTR Teton Creek 5th Street Driggs
    7:22am 7:25am 7:35am 7:54am 7:59am 8:18am 8:28am 8:31am
    8:31am 8:34am 8:44am 9:03am 9:08am 9:27am 9:37am 9:40am
    9:40am 9:43am 9:53am 10:12am 10:17am 10:36am 10:46am 10:49am
    10:49am 10:52am 11:02am 11:21am 11:26am 11:45am 11:55am 11:58am
    1:43pm 1:46pm 1:56pm 2:15pm 2:20pm 2:39pm 2:49pm 2:52pm
    2:52pm 2:55pm 3:05pm 3:24pm 3:29pm 3:48pm 3:58pm 4:02pm
    4:02pm 4:05pm 4:15pm 4:34pm 4:39pm 4:58pm 5:08pm 5:11pm

    Targhee Shuttle Map for Teton Valley Alta, Driggs and Victor

    Mountain Transportation Partners

    Sno’Scape Weekly Ski Shuttle from Idaho Falls

    2 Ways To Ski Powder At Grand Targhee Resort
    5-Week Round Trip $80 from Idaho Falls
    Wednesday Day Trips $20 from Idaho Falls

    The First Session starts Wednesday, January 4th for 5 weeks. *Make-Up day on February 8th

    The Second Session starts Wednesday, February 15th for 5 weeks. *Make-Up day on March 21th

    To reserve your space, call our Wednesday SNO’SCAPE Coordinator: Carol Moore 208-529-6597

    South East Idaho Shuttle - Barries Targhee Bus Trip

    Join the bus with your friends, relax on the ride to Grand Targhee Ski Resort. Have a day of fun every Tuesday in January and February for the Ladies. Days of operation, pick-up schedules, meeting locations and pricing are available online. There is a reduced rate for those that have their own Grand Targhee Resort season pass

    Tickets include:

    • Bus Ride to and from Targhee
    • Lift Ticket at the resort
    • Demo Skis if needed. With the latest in new skis and technology.

    View SE Idaho Shuttle Details View Route Map

    The Targhee Express Shuttle Daily from Jackson Hole

    Book NOW for Targhee Express

    For less than the price of a single day lift ticket at Jackson Hole, you can enjoy the Powder Paradise in the Heart of the Tetons, including professional round trip transportation.

    Targhee Express COMBO, Bus Ride and Lift Ticket is a great way to enjoy a day of skiing at Grand Targhee Resort from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Daily Round trip + Adult Lift Ticket is just $99.00 and is available November through mid-April.

    The only reason on earth to leave Jackson Hole, Wyoming is to jump on the Targhee Express from Jackson Hole or Teton Village (JHMR) locations. Daily shuttle service to and from Grand Targhee Resort is available as a daily combo shuttle and lift ticket is $99.00 for adults or as a stand alone shuttle service.

    Targhee Express service includes pick-up from our easily accessible pick-up locations, safe shuttle service to and from Grand Targhee Resort and a discounted lift ticket. Enjoy a $25 savings with the combo at $99.00 or simply take the Targhee Express to enjoy the scenery and other activities without the lift ticket for $54.00.

    Reservations are required by 7:00pm the day before travel.

    For reservations call 307-734-9SKI (734-9754) or book online.

    Teton Rentals, Charters, Executive Services, and Taxis

    Jackson Hole Rental Car Options

    The following rental car agencies are located at the Jackson Hole (JAC) airport grounds:

    The following agencies have locations in downtown Jackson:

    Idaho Falls Rental Car Options

    The following rental car agencies are located at the Idaho Falls (IDA) airport grounds:

    Group Charters

    Rates does not include 6% Wyoming sales tax and gratuity. Fee based on minimum 5 hours garage to garage. Additional hours are hours employed beyond the minimum.

    Executive Services (call for rates)

    • All Resort Express 435-649-3999
    • Limo Lounge 307-690-7555
    • The Driver Provider 307-733-4629

    Taxi Services

    Approximate one-way rate from either Jackson Hole or Idaho Falls Airport is $150 for up to 2 people and $70 for each additional person (minimum charge of $150 per vehicle). It is recommended that clients confirm return transportation to Jackson Hole Airport with their taxi at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled departure from Grand Targhee Resort.

    Teton Valley / Targhee Taxis

    Jackson Hole Airport Taxis

    • All Trans Taxi 307-733-3135 Jackson Hole All-Trans/Targhee
    • ABC Taxi 307-699-2086
    • A Black Car Service 307-413-2572
    • A-Taxi &Tours 307-690-3900
    • Avalanche Taxi 307-713-8294
    • Broncs 307-413-9863
    • Buckboard Transportation 307-733-1112
    • Bullseye Taxi 307-730-5000
    • Classic Cab 307-690-2122
    • Comfort Cab 307-774-1000
    • Cowboy Cab 307-413-1000
    • Drop Horn Taxi 307-699-4279
    • Flying T Taxi 307-690-0000
    • Grand Teton Taxi 307-413-5488
    • Grateful Cab Company 307-690-2798
    • Old Faithful Taxi 307-699-4020
    • Old West Transportation 307-690-8898
    • Paradise Taxi & Tours 307-200-1200
    • Pathfinder Taxi 307-690-1004
    • Snake River Taxi 307-413-9009
    • Stagecoach Taxi 307-699-0665
    • Teton Mountain Taxi 307-699-7969
    • T & T Taxi 307-200-1315
    • The Cab 307-699-4189
    • U.V.C. 307-413-6000
    • Village Taxi 307-690-0463
    • West Bank 307-690-0112
    • YGT Tours & Transportation 307-734-8387

    Idaho Falls Airport Taxis

    • Easy Way Taxi 208-525-8344
    • Mountain Mike’s 307-774-1000
    • Shut Up & Ride 208-709-8294
    • SOS transportation 208-542-2333
    • Valley Transportation 307-733-9090
    • Safe Ride Taxi 208-206-7592

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