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Free Ski Demo - TMO

Saturday - Sunday, Feb 09 - 10, 2013

Free Ski Demo by Teton Mountain Outfitters

Test out the latest gear before you buy. Purchase any new gear on Feb 9-10 and receive a FREE binding mount on your skis!

Demo Details

K2 Skis
SIDESETH                             Dimensions:  147/118/135                            Lengths:  174, 181, 188
Though soft snow focused, a stiffer tail with slightly less rocker improves hard snow performance and transforms the SideSeth into a more versatile, hard-charging plank that’s specialized for big mountain skiing. The slightly raised kick tail retains versatility and forgiveness in narrow, concave couloirs, while it also increases the ski’s utility as a tool.

PON2OON                          Dimensions:  157/132/122                            Lengths:  159, 169, 179, 189
The Pon2oon features Powder Rocker that made the original Pontoon so playful and agile in powder, but now comes with added features that make this powder ski even more stable at 60 mph in bottomless blower. This second edition features a redesigned powder tip to improve swing weight. Built with a stiffer yet tapered pintail design, the new tail serves as a stable landing platform and provides added braking power.

BACKDROP                         Dimensions:  142/112/131                            Lengths:  174,181
Of course fat skis rip in pow, but they’re also heavier, and therefore a pain to drag around the backcountry. Enter the BackDrop. We started with the superlight construction of the WayBack, fattened the waist to 112mm, and increased the shovel rocker. So whether you’re looking for a lightweight, mid-winter touring ski or a quicker, more playful resort powder slayer, the BackDrop is a willing accomplice.

MISSBEHAVED                  Dimensions:  133/102/127                            Lengths:  149, 159, 169
A ski that strikes the perfect balance between a charging powder ski and an all mountain destroyer thanks to its versatile waist width and All-Terrain Rocker. Whether you like to find first-chair freshies, crank through crud, or even harvest spring sidecountry corn, the MissBehaved will behave itself properly in any terrain on the mountain.

BRIGHTSIDE                       Dimensions:  132/90/115                              Lengths:  153, 160, 167
Many consider the BrightSide to be the ideal mix between soft and hard snow performance. A 90mm waist and All-Terrain Rocker provide ample float and agility for tight trees and quick trips out of the gates, and the metal laminate’s damp, supple construction slices through crud with a confidence you didn’t realize you had.

HARDSIDE                           Dimensions:  132/90/115                              Lengths:  167, 174, 181, 188
The cold hard reality is, most of us ski more crud than blower pow. If this holds true for you, the HardSide is your ideal ski. It delivers smooth precision and confidence on rock hard boilerplate, and its All-Terrain Rocker and moderate waist won’t leave you wanting when Mother Nature lays it in thick.

AFTERSHOCK                     Dimensions:  130/86/114                              Lengths:  167, 174, 181
Being the widest ski in the A.M.P. model line, the Aftershock thrives in soft and chopped conditions. Although it excels off the groomed runs, it still has enough hard snow performance and power to carve trenches in whatever firm conditions it encounters.

Volkl Skis
SHIRO                                   Dimensions:  151/119/135                            Lengths:  173, 183, 193
The Shiro’s  blend of playful, easy powder skiing and solid, stable ride quality won it Ski of the Year honors, representing yet another pinnacle in Völkl's long history of building big mountain skis that offer incredible float combined with surprising groomed snow performance.

GOTAMA                             Dimensions:  139/107/123                            Lengths:  170, 178, 186
One of the most versatile big mountain ski on the market, the Gotama maxes out both powder and groomed snow performance thanks to ELP full rocker design. This is a perennial go to model with a hot new graphic.

KATANA                               Dimensions:  143/112/132                            Lengths:  176, 183, 190
The Katana features a top-end wood core and vertical sidewall construction, with two sheets of titanium. The Katana comes with a low profile Full Rocker, allowing a platform for big landings, while still maintaining maneuverability. Perhaps the most versatile super-fat ski on the market.

MANTRA                             Dimensions:  132/98/118                              Lengths:  170, 177, 184
The Mantra features a shape of 132/98/118, with a slight tip rocker. This combination, along with a full wood core and two sheets of titanal, creates the absolute finest combination of soft snow float and groomed snow performance, even when conditions become icy.

KENDO                                 Dimensions:  126/89/110                              Lengths:  163, 170, 177, 184
The Kendo has re-set the bar for frontside/backside skis. New for the 12/13 season, the Kendo raises it a notch higher with a slightly wider 126-89-110mm shape, and the addition of tip rocker. With easier handling on the groomers PLUS even better soft snow performance, the Kendo will take any skier from the back bowls to the frontside with ease.

KIKU                                      Dimensions:  139/107/123                            Lengths:  154, 162, 170
The Kiku features a 107mm waist combined with Volkl’s Extended Low Profile Full Rocker design. For the skier looking for the ultimate combination of float and edge grip, the Kiku delivers thanks to the way it precisely manages edge pressure over the full length of the ski.

AURA                                    Dimensions:  131/96/114                              Lengths:  154, 163, 170
The Aura features a 131-96-114 sidecut combined with a slight tip rocker. With a light weight Sensorwood core and two sheets of titanal for added stability, there is no better ride for female skiers looking for the ultimate combination of float and edge grip.

KENJA                                   Dimensions:  127/87/106                              Lengths:  149, 156, 163, 170
This season the Kenja has the addition of tip rocker and a new Bio-Logic shape. By utilizing a narrower tail than our unisex models, Bio-Logic reduces the stress on the knee joint by releasing from the turn more easily. For advanced to expert skiers looking for the ultimate frontside/backside versatility, the new Kenja delivers even easier turn initiation and more maneuverability in soft snow.

Salomon Skis
BBR 8.9                                 Dimensions:  147/88/110                              Lengths:  166, 176, 186
Shaping the future of skiing, the original BBR, BBR 8.9 combines floatation in powder with carving on groomers, to give skiers more options for more fun in more conditions.

BBR SUNLITE                      Dimensions:  133/79/98 (in 159cm)           Lengths:  149, 159, 169
BBR specifically shaped for women: lighter, more fun & new experiences. The BBR Sunlight's light weight construction, longboard tip and forgiving tail enable new skiing sensations and even more fun for women in every type of snow condition.

ROCKER² 115                      Dimensions:  139/113/131 (in 178cm)      Lengths:  168, 178, 188
A hard charging big mountain ski with serious all-mountain capability. Rocker² 115 floats like a deep powder machine thanks to the rocker profile in the tip, but the flat, early rise tail adds stability and predictability for anywhere on the mountain.

GEISHA  100                       Dimensions:  126/97/116 (in 164cm)        Lengths:  153, 164, 173
Everyday freeski for women freeriders. Geisha 100 is an ultra-versatile, 100mm waist ski with rockered tip and a flat, early rise tail. Stable, predictable and lively in all snow conditions.

Line Skis
SIR FRANCIS BACON       Dimensions:  140/108/136                            Lengths:  172, 178, 184
Eric Pollard designed the Bacon for skiers like him who have as much fun throwing tricks in the powder, as laying down butters & carves on the hard pack. This all mountain freestyle ski has perfectly balanced 108mm wide geometry with Early Rise stays on top of powder, crud & slush while the firm flex, deep sidecut, & 20% longer Active Edge make breaking the sound barrier forwards & switch more fun than ever before.

PROPHET  98                      Dimensions:  132/98/123                              Lengths:  165, 172, 179, 186
Your concerns for going wider than 90mm will be forgotten after your first turn on the Prophet 98. The subtle Early Rise™ provides extra float in the powder & effortless turn initiation on the hard pack while this all mountain ski with metal and Capwall construction guarantees solid high speed stability and lively responsive edge control normally only found on carving specific skis. You’ll never go back!

CELEBRITY  90                    Dimensions:  125/90/113                              Lengths:  151, 158, 165
The Celebrity 90 all mountain ski provides an extra stable platform for increased balance backed by subtle Early Rise in the tip to stay on top of soft & bumped up snow with ease. Its super lightweight and nimble construction makes it feel as if it’s an extension of your feet for easy, intuitive control, like never before.

Armada Skis
JJ                                             Dimensions:  126/136/115/133/123              Lengths:  165, 175, 185, 195
The JJ is one of the most versatile premium powder skis on the market. Built with EST Freeride Rocker, the JJ dominates deep snow and still rips the hardpack on the way back to the lift.
The JJ is nimble and fast edge-to-edge with a shorter turning radius than its big brother the Magic J. Patented.

VJJ                                          Dimensions:  126/136/115/133/123              Lengths:  165, 175
The VJJ is inspired by the JJ. It is the most versatile women’s powder ski on the market. Designed with EST Freeride Rocker, the VJJ dominates deep snow and rips hardpack on the way back to the lift. The UltraLight Core and AR50 construction ensure this ski will be light and durable. Patented

Nordica  Skis
PATRON                               Dimensions:  143/113/132                            Lengths:  177, 185, 193
The Patron is a rocker-camber-rocker design, with wood-fiberglass core (no metal), and a moderate sidecut...not too straight, not too curvy, so it has no radical handling traits. The Patron is easy-turning, and the degree of rocker front and rear does the job of preventing any hookiness or catching tips or tails. The Patron can make short little choppy turns or bigger, GS turns without any real effort. Grip and behavior on groomed surfaces is easy, predictable with lively pop. Performance in the powder is easy and fun with a "surfy" feel to it, and makes transitions between powder and cut-up snow without any problem.

SOUL RIDER                        Dimensions:  134/97/124                              Lengths:  169, 177
The wood-core Soul Rider is super playful, snappy, and can be taken anywhere from the park and pipe to the groomers, steeps, and powder. At 97mm underfoot it is wide enough to stomp big landings, to float and smear turns in the deep stuff, and not be slow edge to edge when it is time to bomb groomers. The Early Rise Camrock Rocker Profile is tip rocker with 3mm of camber underfoot. The tip rocker is great for keeping the skis on top of the snow on a deep day, initiating turns quicker on the groomers, and deflecting the negative vibrations caused by bumps and crud. The full vertical sidewalls give the Soul Rider great edge hold on groomers or the walls of an icy pipe. And the Wood core ensures a consistent, durable flex pattern.

THE FIRE ARROW 80 TI     Dimensions:  30/80/113                               Lengths:  164, 172, 180
Nordica has brought THE FUN BACK TO THE FRONT SIDE. There has been a lot of excitement, momentum and technology advances in Big Mountain and Park and Pipe skis over the last couple of years, but yet there are still a ton of skiers that enjoy ripping around on groomers and the front side. The Firearrow 80 is a new combination of a modern front side sidecut shape paired with a versatile waist and a twin tip ski design. Nordica designed a ski that has the spirit of the young and exciting movement in skiing, but is the perfect product for front side skiers.

CINNAMON GIRL               Dimensions:  124/74/107                            Lengths:  164, 172, 180
Nordica has brought THE FUN BACK TO THE FRONT SIDE. There has been a lot of excitement, momentum and technology advances in Big Mountain and Park and Pipe skis over the last couple of years, but yet there are still a ton of skiers that enjoy ripping around on groomers and the front side. The CINNAMON GIRL is a new combination of a modern front side sidecut shape paired with a versatile waist and a twin tip ski design. Nordica designed a ski that has the spirit of the young and exciting movement in skiing, but is the perfect product for front side skiers.

EVIL KERS FLOCKA                                                            Length 155,158,161                        
This high performance true twin has come to elevate your riding. What is Flocka, you ask? Well, Flocka delivers the best of both worlds, with the precision and predictability of camber and the playfulness of and “catch-free” ride of rocker. In short Flocka has a broken in feel but with the solid pop of a new stick.

AK SC I                                                                               Length 159,163,167
The AK is just one of those boards that live for the steep and deep. Head’s Snake profile moves the camber to the tail of the board. This unique camber design means that as soon as you strap in the nose of the board is pushed upwards for superior float in powder. The Snake also has a high tail for riding switch.

DEFY i. KERS ROCKA                                                          Length 147,152,155,158,161
I have to say that the DEFY, it may be a high end twin, but this thing sure can rip up the whole mountain.  KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) is a system that Head adapted straight from Formula 1 to harvest kinetic energy produced during edge-to-edge transferred to electric energy via piezoelectric fibres and stored in the KERS chip. This is then fed it back to you when you ollie or power carve. The upshot is you’ll be fired out of turns and get insane pop off transitions.

CUSTOM RESTRICTED                                                         Length 156,158,158W,162W
Its chief weaponry is Flying V™, a Springloaded rocker/camber combo that floats like a dream, yet allows riders like Mikkel Bang to rip parks with precision. No need to check your speed with the energizing feel and increased stability of Squeezebox adding amplitude to your ollies. How does this board stack up against the rest? The real question is how does the competition stack up against the Custom?

NUG/NUGGET                                                                      Length 138,142,146,150
What is known about this potent little number, and all strains of Nuggetry for that matter, is that you can downsize 8 to 10cm for a quicker, more maneuverable ride. Optimal breeding means it will out-tweak, out-maneuver, and out-spin your normal board due to a complete retooling of shape, flex, and effective edge. Continuous rocker only adds to the addictive nature of this exotic freestyle subspecies.

SOCIAL RESTRICTED                                                           Length 142,147,151
V-Rocker™ and Scoop shaping take the consequence out of park and rail riding thanks to a catch-free combination; while upgraded edge tech means more grip with no loss in playfulness. Riders who know the importance of a dialed stance will dig The Channel upgrade that's exclusive to this here Restricted edition.

FAMILY TREE JUICE WAGON                                              Length 157,163,170
For park-precision on natural features, every element of the NEW Juice Wagon has been designed for riders who see opportunities for air in the natural and untracked landscape. Fully directional with a moderate taper for float and flow, its camber chassis equals power, precision, and a snappy suspension. To see Burton’s inspiration, just Google "Mu and his Fish."

COBRA                                                                                Length 155,158,161,161X,163X
Introducing the new Never Summer Cobra! Driven off the massive success of our true twin Proto CT, the Never Summer carbonium Cobra features blunted ends for reduced swing weight, utilizes a drawn out nose that knifes thru soft snow, and a blunted quick spade tail to enhance float in powder. Slightly setback for a more directional ride the Cobra comes equipped with a dual top and bottom carbon matrix that provides incredible power underfoot. The Cobra is the highest performance and most versatile all mountain board ever made. Its futuristic shape combined with the time tested edge hold of Vario Power Grip Sidecut gives you the ability to strike any terrain with deadly force.

RAPTOR                                                                              Length 156,159,164,161X,165X
With graphics and stealth design inspired by the F/A-22 fighter jet, the Raptor is our flagship high performance freeride/freecarve snowboard. Armed with our NS SuperLight wood core and extensive Carbonium Laminate Technology (CLT), the Raptor is a lightweight weapon that has taken freeride performance to a new level in carving, stability and versatility. Featuring a directional Rocker/Camber profile designed specifically for the Raptor that combines a longer front camber and rear shifted rocker that increases carving performance, high speed stability and powder floatation. Capped off with the ultra-tech look of our durable Carbonium top-sheet, this is a snowflake killing machine!

PREMIER F1                                                                        Length 163,165,170
Our high performance Premier F1 takes freeride technology to a whole new level! The Carbon V-Twin Laminate Technology and custom F1 Elastomeric Stabilizers underfoot increase edgehold and vibration absorption in any snow condition. With the NS freeride technology, the Premier F1 will power through anything in its path keeping you on edge and in complete control at any speed. The modified NS Custom Flightcore also incorporates a multi-flex profile giving the Premier a powerful tail flex and a more responsive mid flex. For unmatched carving ability, powder floatation and effortless turn initiation, the F1 is here.

INFINITY                                                                             Length 142,145,149
This award winning, high performance board is the go-anywhere, do-anything choice for women. An all-terrain deck that handles hardpack, powder, natural features and park, the Infinity delivers the quality you deserve from a Never Summer. Hands down this is the best women’s specific, all mountain freestyle snowboard money can buy!

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