Mountain Goat Hill Climb & Ride n' Roll Rick's (Strava Races)

Friday, August 30, 2013 - Sunday, September 01, 2013

Grand Targhee Bike Races

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Race Course Details

Mountain Goat Hill Climb Directions

STRAVA Segment Link

Start at the Grand Targhee Resort base area and race as fast as you can up Lightning Ridge to Lightning Loop and on to Peaked trail. You'll take the goat path up another couple hundred feet to an unbelievable view.

The top is the end of the race course, so turn around and wind down 38 Special at your leisure but be sure to end your Strava ride at the top.

Rick's Ride N' Roll Directions

STRAVA Segment Link

Start at the Grand Targhee Resort base area and race the 10 mile course through Rick's Basin
Check back for notification as to when the course will be marked.

The course is marked with arrows.

Strava Technology Details

Once you have completed your race go back to and upload your ride. The name of the race Segment is Mountain Goat Hill Climb.

Here's the deal, we're going to create a "Strava Segment" on each of the Targhee Strava Race Courses. We'll mark the segment clearly on the course so you know where to start. When you get home, upload your GPS enabled device to your Strava account. The fastest rider of each Strava segment during the designated race dates will win one of our 10 prizes!!! Simple as that. We'll check the results a few days later and send a prize to the winner. No kidding - and the prizes will be a good too, we'll announce the prizes on our Facebook page. You may not win the Tour de France sans EPO, but you can still collect some hardware!!!

For more details on segments refer to this video Strava ride segment overview.

Top 10 Prizes

Targhee Fest swag and other prizes- hoodies, shirts, mugs will be determined and awarded through the Activity Center.

Strava Races are ride at your convenience events using the Strava technology.

    • iPhone
    • Android GPS enabled mobile phone
    1. Sign up to
    2. Download the App
    3. Ride the trail!

Strava App download links

Download Android App
Download iOS app for iPhone and iPad
  • A pace bar graph showing your pace fluctuation, as well as your mile/km trends
  • Pace scrubbing data to analyze every critical point during the race
  • Projected finish time data based on your performance throughout the race
  • Finish flag with the finishing time, signifying the race achievement

Contact Information

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