Trap Bar & Grill Late Night Musketeer Gripweed

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Trap bar and grill late Night Show

Musketeer Gripweed

11:00pm - $10

In the powder keg that is the Fort Collins music scene, one band above all others threatens to make a spark. Self-described as an “American Revival Stomp Shake Ass Holla” band, Musketeer Gripweed is easily the most unique act to emerge from the Choice City, which has become a hotbed of creative energy the world doesn’t want to miss out on.

Equal parts roots rock, Delta blues, and performance art, a Musketeer Gripweed performance transports audiences to a world long past – one crisscrossed with dusty country roads and populated by highway bandits, snake-oil salesmen, and charlatans. This experience is centered on front man Jason Downing, who transforms on stage into the charismatic Reverend Monkey-Paw Patterson. A wild-eyed pioneer preacher armed with gasoline, straight razors, and hellfire, Rev. Patterson leads shows with all the energy and hunger of a prairie fire.

Crowds at a Musketeer Gripweed concert are whipped into a near-religious frenzy, and can often be seen shaking their own “monkey paws” (an open hand with fingers clenched) in time with the beat.

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