2016 Grand Targhee POW Foundation

The 2016 Grand Targhee POW Foundation Grant is Out

Founded by the employees of Grand Targhee Resort to improve the environmental quality of Teton Valley, the Targhee Environmental Foundation began partnering with international non-profit, Protect Our Winters (POW) in 2009 to bring a greater awareness to the environmental issues surrounding the snow sports community.  Protect Our Winters is the environmental center point of the winter sports community, united towards a common goal of reducing climate changes effects on our sport and local mountain communities.

The Targhee POW Foundation and Protect Our Winters partnership is pleased to announce the 2016 grant-making cycle for Teton Valley, ID. The foundation will support projects that

  1. Foster responsible stewardship of natural resources
  2. Protect mountain and valley ecosystems
  3. Promote environmental education
  4. Preserve and create opportunities for outdoor recreation
  5. Reduce climate change’s effect on our mountain community

In the last six years the Foundation has awarded over $76,000 in grants for environmental projects, thanks to Targhee employee contributions and a 100% match from Grand Targhee Resort.

The deadline for applications is 5PM, Friday April 8, 2016. The Foundation will be allocating up to $8,000 (based upon current projections). Typical grant requests are in the $200 to $2,000 range. Eligible recipients may be private and nonprofit organizations and government agencies.

The Foundation wants to support a broad spectrum of environmental projects with tangible results. Potential projects could include vegetation improvement, sustainability projects, resource conservation programs, habitat improvement, transportation issues, air quality initiatives, open space preservation, recreational improvements, environmental education, trail restoration, and more.

Please see the below Grant Making Procedures, Grant Application, and Submittal Information.  Thank you for your dedication to improving the environmental quality of Teton Valley, ID and please let us know if you have any questions.  Good luck!



Brigid Sinram

Environmental Programs Manager

2016 POW Grant Application

Grant making Procedures

  • Below are criteria used by the Selection Committee in reviewing the grants.
  • Urgency of the project
    • What is the overall urgency of the project? Does this project represent a unique opportunity in time? What is lost if the project proceeds incrementally over a longer period of time?
  • Demonstration value
    • Does the project have high demonstration value? What is the degree to which completion of this project will contribute to other similar or needed efforts in the region?
  • Management and Capability
    • What resources and experience do the parties involved have in order to provide continuing stewardship, management, and completion of the project?
  • Sustainability
    • To what degree will this project have a long-term sustainable value to the environment of the Teton Valley region and its citizens?
  • The grant deadline is 5PM April 8, 2016. Emailing applications is preferred. Please email your application to bsinram@grandtarghee.com.  As an alternative you may fax it Attn: Brigid Sinram at #307-353-8148.  No hard copies via snail mail will be accepted this year.
  • All applicants will be notified and will receive feedback from the grant selection committee via phone or email by Friday, April 15,
  • Projects cannot be funded more than once per year.
  • Final approval of grants is the sole responsibility of the Selection Committee of the Foundation.  The Selection Committee of the Foundation is made up of employee POW contributors and key Resort employees involved in the Foundation.
  • It is recognized that the Foundation will receive grant applications that exceed availability of funds and that all requests cannot be approved, however all applications that fall within the scope of the POW Foundation’s mission will be considered.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to change any of its selection criteria at any time.
  • Project questions can be directed to Brigid Sinram, Environmental Programs Manager, at bsinram@grandtarghee.com.
  • Non-profit applicants must provide a letter of determination from the IRS with their 501c (3) tax exempt status or have an approved fiscal sponsor.
  • All applications must include detailed financial information including a budget for their project.
  • All applicants must complete the Grant Application.
  • After a grant is made the Foundation will send a Grant Agreement to recipients whose projects have been awarded funds. The Foundation will award the check when the applicant returns the signed Grant Agreement (agreements will be distributed at the party for recipients that attend).
  • If the grant is not used as specified, the Foundation requires the complete return of the money.
  • All recipients must submit a final report updating the Foundation on the progress of the project no later than one year from receipt of the grant. Please send updates to bsinram@grandtarghee.com.
  • Any applicant that received funding during the 2015 grant cycle must submit an update on the progress of the previous year’s grant before being considered for the current year’s grant program. This should be sent via email to bsinram@grandtarghee.com.
  • Grantees are encouraged to send photos capturing the implementation of grant projects to be used in POW Foundation collateral. This encourages employee support of the Foundation.