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Agents of Discovery makes learning fun! Agents of Discovery® is a mobile game that kids download for free and play to discover the world around them. Kids unlock hidden geo-located challenges that can only be solved through observation and discovery.  

Agents of Discovery connects youth to nature and their communities through engaging augmented reality experiences that heighten conservation awareness and increase visitor enjoyment of public spaces.  

Explore Grand Targhee’s trails while learning about the local flora and fauna with Agents of Discovery, a free, family-friendly, mobile learning game.  All missions start near the Nature Center. Look for Agents of Discovery signs and for Clue Bear, Grand Targhee’s Field Agent. This month’s mission is on the Yogi and Pika Trails.

As you hike, keep the app open and get ready for it to buzz or chime, letting you know there’s a challenge to solve. Read your Agent Brief and then put your knowledge to the test. Learn about fossils and birds, trees, and bears. By the time you’ve completed your mission, you’ll be a master of the area. 

When the mission is over, come to the Nature Center and collect your prize. If the naturalist is there, come say hi and check out the exhibits. 

Hope to see you out there, your mission awaits! 

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