Grand Targhee Resort

Dear Valued Guest, 

As you are probably aware, Christmas week at a ski resort is the busiest time of the ski season!  The same is true at Grand Targhee Resort.  This season, we have the added challenge of COVID-19, making parking logistically challenging.  We have a limited ticket capacity, but as you can imagine 15” of fresh snow calls all winter sports users to the mountains.

We are trying to communicate as best we can regarding how to make the most of your ski days at the Ghee this week:

  1. Arrive early: this means arriving at the resort between 7:45 – 8:15am.  This should give you time to park, use the restroom, grab a locker, some coffee or grub and secure  your place in the lift line.
  2. Take the shuttle:  We had 5 shuttles running today and will continue to offer a high volume of shuttle service throughout the week.  Find your preferred location and make a plan, but please be patient.  Our drivers are doing their best to stay on schedule, but higher traffic volume makes it difficult to stay on schedule.  Just know, we will be operating the shuttle all day and will work diligently to get you here.
  3. Arrive late: Not ready to be an early bird?  Arriving around 11am is another great option, if you’d like a more leisurely start to your day.

Please Be Kind – our shuttle drivers, and parking employees are doing the best they can to get everyone into our parking lots.  They do not deserve to be sworn at, spit on or harassed.  Anyone who is seen acting disrespectfully to one of our staff will be politely asked to leave.

Thank you,

The Grand Targhee Resort Team

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