Grand Targhee Resort

Thank You!

Congrats on another successful season at Grand Targhee Resort. Many thanks to every one of you for making this year possible. The 2020/ 2021 season was undoubtedly one for the books, with plenty of changes and challenges constantly being thrown at all of us. Each department, crew, and individual made tremendous sacrifices to make this year possible. When signing up for the season, no one quite knew what that would entail. There was some added stress and hurdles to everyone’s ski season this year. Yet despite all the challenges, we had a successful year at the Ghee and as always enjoyed more than our fair share of powder days.  Thank you again for your commitment and dedication this season!

Let’s Celebrate

In celebration, we are raffling off some fantastic items at the employee-to-go dinner on April 10, from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm at the arcade! Due to COVID restrictions, the names of all employees who have worked through the end of the season will be entered into a random draw ahead of the event. When you turn in your uniform at the event, check to see if you are a winner! Employees who are still working/using their uniforms are also eligible.  We will be raffling off tons of great gear, including 4FRNT MSP Skis, a pair of Rossignol Experience Skis, a Rossignol Justice Snowboard, a Kulkea Travel Bag, Look Bindings, Pret Helmets, gloves, snow pants, and so much more great swag! We look forward to seeing all of you there.

Before You Go…

Employee Dinner

  • April 10th, 4:00pm – 6;00pm at the Arcade.
  • To-go dinner and beverages for all.
  • Uniform Drop is available at dinner.
  • Award and raffle winner pick up!

Uniform and Key Drop Off Reminders

  • Return your uniform at the End of Season Employee Dinner
  • OR to the HR office between 9am – 5pm (Admin Building)
  • No need to return hats, fleece t-necks, or beanies
  • Outerwear should be cleaned prior to returning

Once again thanks to everyone for the great work all season! See you next year.

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