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Grand Targhee Freeride Event #1: Rail Jam


Come test your skills during the 2016 Grand Targhee Freeride Series featuring Rail Jam, Slopestyle, and Big Air. Compete in three top-notch events held at the terrain park and see how you measure up against the region’s best! Mark your calendars for:

  • Rail Jam, January 16
  • Slopestyle, February 28
  • Big Air, March 26

The series will showcase skiers and snowboarders park skills based on USASA judging criteria. Each event will be broken down by class: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Registration: $20, includes raffle ticket to be entered to win grand prizes. Portion of proceeds goes to Teton Valley Ski Education Foundation. Registration takes place for each event from 8:30am to 10:00am in the plaza.

Practice Laps: 10:00am – 11:00am

Competitors Meeting: 11:00am – 11:30am

Competition Begins: 12:00pm

Jam Format and Scoring

Jam Format

The Jam System format allows for multiple competitors on the course at any given time. Competitors are given a set amount of competition time, instead of a predetermined number of runs, to take as many runs as possible. The Starter will control the order in which competitors start. Either the competitors start according to bib order for the first run only, or the competitors start in no particular order. Thereafter, the starting order is on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important to have an official Starter who is in good communication with the Judges. Competition runs may either be a best run format or an overall impression format, in order to determine rankings.

Scoring Range

Range Judges will use a 100 point scoring system. There are 100 points which can be used to spread the field of competitors. It is important that the range is used well. With a tight range it is hard to spread the field and there will be many ties. The range should correspond with the competition level and be on par with the other judges. The best runs should be between 90-100 points and the average runs between 40-60 Points. The worst runs should receive a score between 0-10 points. Do not change the range during any competition heat. At any event, it is difficult when many riders stay in a low range and there are in just a few top riders. The average level may be very low. The technical level should not be set too high for an average run. Often it is enough when the competitors know the base techniques and get a little amplitude.

Overall Impression Judging
Overall Impression Judging System The rational for utilizing the Overall Impression Judging System is to judge more effectively by taking the whole run into consideration rather than a specific criteria area. The Overall Impression Judges evaluate all phases of all the tricks. The judges will score the run by evaluating the run’s overall precision and the execution of the maneuvers attempted. The emphasis of Overall Impression is to evaluate the whole run with all elements of the criteria combined but not placing a major emphasis on any one single facet. The Overall Impression Judge evaluates the precise nature of the run in relation to maneuvers attempted, both individually and as a sequence. The overall composition of the run is the most important factor for the Overall Impression Judges. The judges look at line, use of the course, amplitude in relation to the tricks, and overall flow of the run. Overall Impression Judges are looking for the highest level of progression, whether a run is performed with only one straight air and five inverted rotations, an all switch run performed with maximum technicality, or a run that has a new move or sequence of moves that pushes snowboard progression forward. The Overall Impression Judges must recognize subtle as well as obvious changes in a routine to determine what makes it more difficult, as well as what tricks are being performed at the highest standards for that specific contest.

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January 16, 2016
12:00pm - 4:00pm
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Grand Targhee Resort


Grand Targhee Resort
3300 Ski Hill Rd.
Alta, WY 83414 United States
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