Grand Targhee POW Foundation Announces 2017 Projects and Donations

(Alta, WY – June 21, 2017)  Grand Targhee Resort is proud to announce the projects funded by the Protect Our Winters Foundation (POW). The POW Foundation was founded by the employees of Grand Targhee Resort to improve the environmental quality of the resort and Teton Valley.  The Targhee Environmental Foundation began partnering with Protect our Winters, an international non-profit, in 2009 to bring a greater awareness to the environmental issues surrounding the snow sports community.  Protect Our Winters is the environmental center point of the winter sports community; united towards a common goal of reducing climate change effects on our sport and local mountain communities.

The Grand Targhee POW Foundation and Protect Our Winters partnership supports projects that work to reduce climate change effects on our mountain community, foster responsible stewardship of natural resources, protect mountain and valley ecosystems, promote environmental education, and preserve and create opportunities for outdoor recreation. Thanks to Targhee employees and a 100% match from Grand Targhee Resort, as well as lodging guest donations, the Foundation has awarded over $94,000 in grants for environmental projects in the past ten years.

This year Grand Targhee Resort wanted to focus on waste stream management and improving recycling opportunities on site and in the community.    Grand Targhee Resort donated $1,000 to Teton Valley Community Recycling to support the installation of year-round sorted recycling bins in Victor City Parks. This project will provide public recycling bins in convenient public locations in Victor, as well as increase recycling during public events.

Grand Targhee Resort also donated $1,000 to Rendezvous Upper Elementary School for their annual 5th grade national park field trips. These national park field trips provide experience for public school students who may not have an opportunity to visit a national park on their own. The resort also donated to Protect Our Winters, an organization that support educational initiatives, political advocacy, and community-based activism around environmental efforts.

Part of the funds also go back into the resort’s sustainability efforts and initiatives. Grand Targhee Resort will be updating recycling bins at the base area and all the lifts will be equipped with new sorted recycling bins. The resort will also be installing two new water bottle fill stations to decrease one-time use plastic bottles at the resort.

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