Let the Stoke Begin!

we will adventure again

The overall consensus on 2020 is that, well, can’t it just be over? But, I am here to remind you that 2020 wasn’t all bad. In fact, on the powder front, the beginning of the year was one for the books. The new year brought record snowfall with it, which ultimately created a lot of joyful grins. Over 12 feet of snow fell in the Tetons last January, while the number of grins that snow created unfortunately remains undocumented. And though we are not in the business of wishing time away, the countdown to winter has definitely begun. 

Here are some of our most memorable snow reports from January 2020. Because, with the hopefulness of a powder seeker, we reminisce on simpler times and look forward to better days. Let the stoke begin, and if you haven’t purchased your 2020/21 Winter Season Pass – do so! Pricing goes up on October 1st. 

– Your Targhee Show Reporter

new years day: 6" in 24 hours

Boom Shakalaka! Welcome to the party that is 2020! What are you bringing to it? A charcuterie board or some champagne? Mother Nature brought 6″ of fresh 9% powder, and that’s just an appetizer. The main course is still on the way, but I’ve heard rumors that it is also powder. We hope you’re okay with the simple menu of 1st, 2nd and 3rd course powder.

Anyways, it looks like you woke up on the right side of 2020. Did you party hard last night ringing in the New Year, or did you sit at home and watch ski videos by the fire while the snow accumulated? Either way, no hangover or lack of sleep should stop you today. We’ve been patiently waiting to ski the Ghee in the typical fashion we are accustomed to. The time has come, and the best part is that according to NOAA – tomorrow is going to be even better. If all goes as planned, there will be free refills for all! Expect snowy skies today with a high near 21. The windchill could reach -10. CoS is 100% and 7-11″ is predicted. A winter storm warning remains in effect through tonight.

january 2, 2020: 10" in 24 hours

And just like that – the holidays are over! As the holiday “crowds” die down you who are in it for the long haul know that it’s time to get down to business. There is snow in the forecast every. single. day. these next ten days. Sounds like Ullr got his mojo back – it must have been hiding somewhere in the year 2020. But, that’s not what is important right now! One step at a time people! Right now, there’s pow to ski! With 10 inches in the last 24 hours and 4 of that fresh after lifts closure, there is plenty to go around. And, this denser 10% snow is going to make for a perfect base booster once you track it out with your sticks.

january 6, 2020: 9" in 24 hours

Dananana… powder day! Don your jacket, masks, and cartoonishly fat skis. The signal has gone out and it’s time for all you superheroes of snow to converge on Targhee! With a swish, a slash, and a triumphant shout you can vanquish the untracked 9″ of snow that has fallen overnight on the mountain. Will you heed the call? With the holidays ending, and school and work beginning, it is lean time for heroes on the mountain; come take your place amongst the powder legends!

January 8, 2020: 1" over night

We’re getting back into our winter routine here at the Ghee’. *(a powder day, followed by a powder day, followed by a day of storm skiing and fresh lines at 3:00pm, followed by another powder day). Well, you ski it too, so you know what I’m talking about. While some will spend the day peeking out the window or checking the Stick of Truth for snow build up, you’ll be out there braving the storm, right? Snowy skies will prevail today, and the high will near 23. CoS is 90% (3-7″). We will remain in a Winter Weather Advisory until noon on Thursday.

january 9, 2002: 7" in 24 hours

Temperatures have dropped – it’s 11 degrees at the summit. You know what that means, right? 7″ of 6% water to snow blower powder! Those denser days were exactly what we needed to build our base depth and now that things are looking pretty solid on the hill – it is time. to. partaaay! Expect face shots today, free refills and whoop whoops from under you as you ride the chairlift. The high will near 15 degrees and winds will be blowing SW from 8-10mph. CoS 100% (4-8″).

January 12, 2020: 15" in 24 hours

This recent cycle of storms has brought nearly 60″ of fresh, light snow. For a little reference, that’s 5 feet. That’s just a little less than the average adult height. Forget about snorkel skiing, this is straight up scuba-skiing! With 15″ in the last 24 hrs, and 8″ overnight we’ve got another powder day. No big deal, though, right? It seems like they’re a dime a dozen these days. You know things are good when powder days are just as consistent as face shots when ripping down beneath Dreamcatcher, hooting and hollering the whole way. Today expect, you guessed it, more snow! 3-7″ to be exact. Cold temperatures with a high of 12 will be heightened by breezy conditions, so bundle up and take frequent warming breaks.

january 13, 2020: 9" in 24 hours

Another powder day on the mountain beckons… will you heed the call? A touch of Targhee’s Monday vibes; empty slopes, stillness and quiet (besides the swish of powder, of course), and the smiles at the base as another powder run has come and gone. 9″ in 24 hrs, 3″ overnight are the numbers. Today, expect more snow (2-4″) , breezy conditions and very cold temperatures with a high near 9.

january 15, 2020: 5" in 24 hours

Well, if you were here yesterday than you know, you were one of the few who made it up the hill! There were empty slopes indeed. Welcome to mid-week at Targhee! I heard a few “this is the best day of the season” and “life is good” from some of you, and it definitely sounded like making your way up the hill was a sound decision. Meaning – you should do the same today. Because, naturally, every day is the best day ever.
Winds will remain strong today – averaging at 15mph. The high will near 14 degrees but wind chill values could be as low as -15.

january 18, 2020: 7" in 24 hours

The snow! The snow! All signs point toward a real pleasant weekend on the mountain. The storms have dissipated, leaving their bounty of soft, white gold. 7″ yesterday and couple of inches will arrive today, a little late to the party, but arriving nonetheless. The sun will slowly start burning through the clouds and by tomorrow we’ll have a genuine sunny day at the Ghee. All good things!
Today, expect mostly cloudy skies with an additional 1-2″, colder temperatures with a high near 15 and breezy conditions.

january 27, 2020: 6" in 24 hours

It goes by many names; pow-pow, freshies and gnar to name a few. Today we’ll keep it easy with 6″ in 24 hrs, 4″ overnight, of that classic Teton pow! Those accumulations will only increase throughout the day as this system peaks around mid-morning. Business casual on a Monday is best worn as ski pants, helmets, and mitts. Today, expect cloudy skies with light-moderate snowfall through the morning. Temperatures will remain cooler with a high near 20 and winds light throughout the day.

january 29, 2020: 11" in 24 hours

Welcome to the middle of the week. Hopefully, you are up and moving because there’s nothing better than 11″ of fresh snow, with 7 of those inches falling since the lifts have closed. It’s shaping up to be an incredible day on the mountain with partly sunny skies and a high near 21. This January has been filled with powdery turns, and we hope you have enjoyed every one of them! We’re all working for our weekends, but a midweek reset powder day makes the rest of the week go by even quicker. Today’s powder clause is officially in effect, so what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the mountain!

january 30, 2020: 5" in 24 hours

What a crazy January it’s been. We’ve surpassed the 12 foot mark and with 5” on top of yesterday’s 11” it’s safe to say there’s plenty of fresh lines to be had. It’s time to begin spending your nights dreaming about what February will bring! But, while there’s daylight, we ski.
Today, highs will near 20 degrees and winds will be blowing NW but will remain light.