Experience Linn Canyon Ranch

Full to the brim, scraping up the last crumbs of apple pie and final sips of wine, the dining room occupants made their way outside to a blazing bonfire, marshmallows for roasting in hand. As the Idaho sun met the Western sky, the appaloosa horses were put away for the night after a full day of leading riders through Aspen trees overlooking fields of flowers and mountain skylines. The historic lodge was aglow with sparkling lights hung in nearby trees: Just another day at the Linn Canyon Ranch.

Whether the chosen setting for a scenic outdoor wedding or a quick stop for a day of family horseback riding, Linn Canyon Ranch combines Western-Americana lore with authentic elegance, making for an experience rich in Teton Valley charm.

In the peak summer months through September, and early winter, the weekends are packed with weddings and other events. The walls inside the rustic home are lined with photos of past couples saying their I-do’s surrounded by horses, brightly colored gardens and the Linn’s welcoming home. But until now, overnight stays were limited to camper hook-ups and various upscale tents located on the property.

The first permanent lodging on the ranch was completed in August 2012, the Linn’s are excited to continue growing into a full guest ranch capacity where families can rent cabins and spend days experiencing all that the ranch has to offer.

A true family-run business, the late Bennie Linn settled in Jackson Hole in 1905 as an outfitter, laying the framework for four generations to carry on the business. Bennie’s son Gene and wife Lily moved the business in 1980 from the original Linn Ranch in Wilson, which is still occupied by members of the family, to the property in Victor.

The 80-acre property originally functioned as a dairy farm with an acre of freshly grown raspberries. The Linn’s busied themselves running the farm until they eventually decided to retire the dairy and turn the property into what it is today.

Six grown children later, the ranch is now run by co-owners and resident managers Peter Linn and his wife Trudy, and Gene Linn (who also moonlights as the singing cowboy), his wife Ellen and their son Peter.

Tucked away in the foothills of the Teton Mountain Range, the ranch currently functions as an event center and day-ranch offering a multitude of beginner horseback riding options but their bread-and-butter is the popular sunset trail ride followed by a four-course dinner. Be sure to make reservations in advance, the rides and dinners fill up fast.

“We are in the business of giving jobs to horses,” ranch trail guide Ramsie Rue said.

If experiencing the landscape on a sturdy horse is what suits your fancy, the ranch hosts half- or full-day wilderness rides led by in-house trained guides, short ranch rides, two-hour trail rides and three hour trail rides with a picnic lunch made by Trudy Linn. With her cooking, you won’t leave hungry.

The appaloosa horses are the most popular breed at the ranch. Bred to carry riders through the mountains, they are known for their sure-footedness. But Rue and the other horse guides work with wild-born mustangs, training them into the strong, resilient horses many riders gravitate toward, she said.

Whether wishing you had more of Trudy’s salmon to gulf down, anxious to ride your next appaloosa, or wanting Gene to sing just one more song, the Linn Canyon Ranch will leave you ready to come back for more.