The Night Before Christmas – Targhee Style

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Ghee,
Not a creature was stirring, not a murmur, not a peep.
The s’mores were roasted at the fire pits with care,
In hopes that St. Nick and his pal ULLR, soon would be there.

The children were nestled in the Teewinot Lodge,
With visions of “Eyeball Forests” and the trees they’d soon dodge.
And Mamma in her “beanie” and I in my cap,
Left big sister in charge as we snuck down to the Trap.

When out on the hill there arose a faint clatter,
As two new Pistenbullys cleaned up the day’s chatter.
Away to the deck as we departed the bar,
To see what was happening, and admire the stars.

The moon gave way to a freshly arriving storm,
As we sought refuge in our suite which was toasty and warm.
When, what to my racoon-tanned eyes should I perceive,
But thousands of tiny snowflakes, piling up on the eave.

We laid down to rest, in our cozy queen beds,
And dreamt of the turns on the mountain called Fred’s.
With Willy watching guard, keeping one eye out,
Our visions shifted to powder and from behind the Sioux we heard a shout!

Now Dreamcatcher, now Blackfoot, now Shoshone and Sac..
On, Mary’s, on Fred’s, and you too, Boot Pack!
To the top of the tube hill, to the top of Papoose,
Those reindeer flew as they pulled their caboose.

Santa and his helpers had gifts in tow,
Presents they acquired from Habitat, The Board Shop, and T.M.O.,
From across the plaza, they gathered up steam,
With a boost from Snorkels coffee, fill it up please, no cream.

After a stop at the arcade and a repair at the tune shop,
It was off into the storm, as presents they must drop.
We watched in amazement at the sight we had witnessed,
For Santa and his helpers had remarkable fitness.

Surely those laps on fatbikes and nordic skis did help
For they glided through the night, not a whimper, not a yelp.
As they flew over the Grand Teton, truly a sight to see,
Santa yelled from his sleigh “Merry Christmas, Targhee”!

We woke to sunshine, breakfast, and Rocky Mountain coldsmoke,
The kids were getting along, no fighting, no joke.
A beautiful Christmas day was had and these weren’t just words I’ve scribed you see,
It’s the magic of the Tetons, home of the vibe that’s uniquely the Ghee.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
from your Friends and Family at
Grand Targhee Resort!