North Pole Terrain Park Features Update, 1.2.20

Take a wild ride on the North Pole Terrain Park!

Big things are happening in the little North Pole terrain park! The park has been extended all the way to the top of Shoshone lift with a double-feature option right as you get off the chair. No more having to ski those pesky groomers to get to the park; you’ll already be there! The park contains a collection of smaller, progression-minded features from straight ride-on boxes to urban-style down rails. Snow features are peppered throughout the park as mini-hips, spines, and cones all culminate in a set of small step-down jumps near the bottom. The way this park has been set up encourages the freedom of line choice with no certain, set lines but the opportunity to jump from feature to feature tying together a line of your own. Scroll through the images below to get an idea of what North Pole terrain park has to offer!   

As we move into January, with expected significant snowfall over New Year’s, the terrain park crew will switch gears and start building up the Sweetwater terrain park. Come back in a couple of weeks, once Sweetwater has been rebuilt, and there will be an update on additional features and any other terrain park-related news! Stay tuned!