Just like that, we’re back! Believe it or not, our first week of the 2020/21 Winter Season has come and gone. There were plenty of hoots, hollers, laughs, and smiles. Although, the smiles were a tad harder to detect under those face coverings. We all know that this year is going to look a bit different than those past. But, we are excited to work together as a team for the love of powder. 

Now that you’ve scratched that ‘early season turns’ itch, it’s time to get down to business. We’d like to extend a friendly reminder to all that it will truly take all of us working together to have a successful 2020/21 Winter Season. Here’s a list of some precautions that you can take to help the Grand Targhee Resort Team ensure everyone’s safety and maximize your ski days.

respect targhee employees and fellow adventure seekers:

We are so lucky to have such a committed and energetic squad of lift operators this year. The team is ready to scan those passes and spin those lifts for you and your lift-accessed powder shots. To ensure that we can keep the lifts turning this year, we need your help in the lift lines. It is essential that face coverings are worn over both the face and the mouth while in the lift line area. Guests should give 6 feet in front and back to those riding the lifts ahead and behind them. When interacting with lift operators, please have your pass ready to promote easy pass scanning. If you’re looking to catch a ride with someone who isn’t in your group, do not forget to ask them if they are comfortable with sharing a ride up first. It is essential that we treat our lift areas the same as other areas of the resort, and we appreciate your help in making this happen.  

wear the dang face covering:

Masks that cover both the mouth and the nose are mandatory anywhere – and everywhere – that 6 feet cannot be maintained. This includes outdoor areas in the plaza, like around the ticket booth window, firepits, and ski racks. It’s cool to be kind, and wearing your mask is a form of kindness these days. 

Masks are mandatory in enclosed spaces at all times, unless you are seated at a table and are eating or drinking.


The #TargheeVibe is something we hold near and dear to our hearts here. While at Grand Targhee, we ask that you do your best to help this vibe live on. Take a ride up Dreamcatcher, ski down the Teton Vista Traverse and take a good hard look at the beauty that stands before you – The Tetons, and beyond. Smile big, even if no one can see it under your mask. Give others their personal space in lift lines, ski slowly and under control in slow areas, and enjoy conversation with family and friends at your four-wheeled ‘basecamp’ in the parking lot after a great day of skiing.

Embrace #purewinter this season, and get back to the way skiing and riding were meant to be!