Pierre's Hole 50/100K Mountain Bike Race

2022 Pierre's Hole August 6th
Registration Opens February 21, 2022

Pierre’s Hole, once known for the fur trade in the Northern Rockies, has always been a test of endurance, fortitude, and strength. On Saturday, August 6th, 2022, Pierre’s Hole will provide an incredible experience to the fortunate souls entered in this epic journey. The racecourse views are breathtaking, the singletrack is longer and better than ever, and you will be tested by the rugged terrain. Staging for the race begins at Grand Targhee Resort, where ample lodging and amenities await racers and their families.

The 2022 race date is August 6th. Registration will open on February 21, 2022. The 100 K category will be capped at  250 racers and the 50 K category at 300 racers. There will not be a 100-mile race this year

Registration Information

Racer Check-In

Racer info and check-in will be held at Grand Targhee RCR South room (upstairs in main base lodge building) at 4:00pm-6:30pm on Friday, August 5th. Racers will receive bike plates, timing chips, and swag bags along with answering any questions regarding the course and race. Any racers who can’t make the Friday check-in will be able to pick up plates Saturday morning 5:45am- 6:45am upstairs in RCR South (upstairs in the main base lodge building).

100k and 50km race can check-in Saturday morning from 6:30am. RCR South room (upstairs in main base lodge building)

All racers must start in their listed start time or risk being DQed.

Start times-Saturday, August 6th – 

  • 100 K- Open men, Open Women, Single speed- 7:00am
  • 100 K – Vet Men 40+, Master Men 50+ and 60+- 7:02am
  • 100 K -Vet Women 40+, Master Women 50+ and 60+- 7:04am
  •  50 K- Open men, Men’s Single speed, male Juniors- 7:50am
  •  50 K- Open Women, Women’s Single speed, girl Juniors- 7:52am
  • 50 K – Vet Men 40+, Master Men 50+ and 60+- 7:54 am
  • 50K- Vet Women 40+, Master Women 50+ and 60+- 7:56am

Course Route

The course will have the start/finish just off of the main plaza at Grand Targhee Resort.

1st lap 50 K and 2nd lap for 100 K racers, and laps 2-3 of 100 mile race– 29.2 miles and 3472′ of climbing

Ride out Powder Reserve Traverse Road, left on to Peaked Trail, Climb Peaked around Ain’t Life Grand, and over to 38 Special Trail.  Descend 38 Special Trail and climb Colter’s Escape trail back up to Andy’s and over to Buffalo Soldier around to Action Jackson. Turn left off Action Jackson and onto Planet Claire trail. Cross the road at the main parking lot and you’ll head out on Greenhorn trail turn right on Roundabout Trail to the Targhee base area. Ride the mountain service road around the base area and past the bottom of the Shoshone lift and feed zone at 15.7 miles. Ride under the flyover and continue up the service road to Pika trail. Stay right on the Nordic road just past the Blackfoot chairlift. Turn right on to More Cowbell trail and climb out to the beginning of Perma- Grin trail. At the end of Perma Grin, take a right turn onto The Other One trail, ride it counterclockwise around, and then turn right onto Rick’s Basin trail. Ride Rick’s Basin trail around and turn right onto Quakie trail and over to the North Woods trail, ride this trail counterclockwise, and back around to Quakie trail. At the end of the Quakie trail, you will continue the remaining section of Rick’s Basin trail and climb back out towards the Snowdrift trail. Ride Snowdrift counterclockwise around to Pika. Take the pika trail section back to the Nordic road connector and then turn right onto the Yogi trail. At the end of Yogi trail, you’ll ride over the flyover and the last 100 yds up grass music venue and back to the Start/Finish just off the main plaza at the resort.

2021 Pierre’s Hole 50K Lap 1, Lap 2-3 of 100K on Trailforks.com


Any racer who drops out along the course during the race should get word to a race official that they have dropped out and are ok. So, we’re not out looking for you, when you’re on your drive home. Thanks!

Awards & Race Times


  • 2:00pm: 50k awards
  • 4:00pm 100k awards



  • 1st – $450 /JERSEY
  • 2nd – $250
  • 3rd – $200


  • 1st – $350 /JERSEY
  • 2nd – $250
  • 3rd – $100 


  • 100 K- Open men, Open Women, Single speed- 7:15am,
  • 100 K – Vet Men, Master Men- 7:20am,
  • 100 K -Vet Women, Master Women- 7:22am
  •  50 K- Open men, Men’s Single speed, male Juniors- 8:00am
  •  50 K- Open Women, Women’s Single speed, girl Juniors- 8:02am
  • 50 K – Vet Men, Master Men- 8:15 am
  • 50K- Vet Women, Master Women- 8:17am

The cut off times

Cut off for racers to start their last lap will be 2:30pm and must be past the aid station #1 by no later than 4:30pm. 

Buckle winner times for men will be to finish under 9 hrs and women in 10 hrs.

After race dinner

Dinner will be served in the racer tent, free for racers. Racers’ families can purchase additional dinner tickets for $15 at the dinner line. Food will be served from 12:00 -7:00pm.

Food at Aid Stations

  • There will be 2 feed zones along the course and 2 water stations. The water stations are at the bottom of 38 Special trail (mile 7.6 in the lap). There will also be a water aid for the 100 Mile Racers at the top of Fred’s Mountain (top of the main chairlift Dreamcatcher).
  • Aid #1 at 15.7 miles is located just off of the service road by the bottom of the Shoshone beginner lift – just 100 yards from the main plaza.
  • Aid #2 will be located just after the start/finish along the service road climb @ mile 30 of a full lap. Racers can drop off coolers and bags at each Aid Zone before they race. Both Aid Stations are only a few hundred feet from the start/finish.
  • Food @ Aid Stations include Hammer products, drinks and gels, water, and more TBD
  • Bike wash is located by the top of the music venue just before the start/finish line.

Lodging & Camping

Lodging discounts are available for racers by calling 800-TARGHEE. Please mention to the reservations agent your with the Pierre’s Hole 50/100 Mountain Bike Race.

Camping will be available at Grand Targhee in the lower parking area. Race site camping is available Thursday – Sunday for $TBA per night, per campsite. All dogs must be on a leash in the camping area and around the racecourse during the race. Tent and RV are the same prices. Kids 18 and under camp for free. Camping and additional dinner tickets can be purchased along with your registration at bikesignup.com/pierreshole or during the race at registration, or at the Lodging Front Desk.
Dogs must be on a leash at all times, no exceptions.


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