Reporting Live From the Ghee

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018: 1:00PM

This week Caitie and I hit the slopes in an effort to report the most up to date conditions here at the Ghee. It’s currently snowing, and has been since about 8:00am this morning. This past weekend’s storm system left untouched powder stashes hidden all throughout the mountain. Caitie and I took to the hill on a seek and destroy mission, and it’s safe to say we were successful. But don’t worry, we left plenty for you.


Winter Storm Warning:

NOAA has issued a winter storm warning that will remain in effect until noon on Wednesday, with snow in the forecast through Friday. Temperatures will remain in the mid twenties.

Current Mountain Conditions:

The best part is that the mountain offers a little bit of everything. Soft groomers made for fun and playful turns, while the tree’s hidden treasures had Caitie and I giggling like little kids. While I prefer the solitude that comes with stash searching within the trees, Caitie likes to let her childhood racer self shine through on the corduroy. After we both got our fixes, we headed back into the office and took a moment to thank the Snow God’s for the pure joy and magic they’ve gifted this mountain that we so luckily call home.

Stay Up To Date:

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Emily joined Grand Targhee’s team after making the decision to move across the country in search of a place where she’d be able to fuse her passion, work, and love for the mountains into one. She’s decided, life at Targhee definitely beats the rat race she came from.