Skinny to Fat: The Targhee Diet Day 2/3

Early Tracks:

With a good night’s sleep under my belt I was ready to put my new found powder knowledge to work. First up was Early Tracks, meaning fresh turns with the group for an entire hour before lifts opened to the public. The snow was soft with plenty left from the previous day’s storm, and we had it all to ourselves. I watched as my fellow campers took to the slopes, hollering things at the end of their run like ‘Did you see that, I didn’t sit back as much!’ and ‘I kept my tips down, woo-hoo!’ Our body and form awareness was growing and it was beginning to make a difference.

Lesson number one on day two: there is nothing more magical than having the mountain to yourself. If you get a chance to partake in Early Tracks, take it!

Branding Iron Brunch, New Friends & Demos:

With the snow being so great it took a while to get everyone to agree it was time for brunch, but eventually we’d worked up an appetite we couldn’t ignore. We headed in to the Branding Iron Grill (located off the plaza) for a meal full of coffee refills, and great conversation with new friends. Though each camper and instructor came from a different area of the world, we all seemed to have things that connected us. I think the most unexpected result the camp produced was the friendships that were fostered, and of course all that I learned about Chile from Matias and his snowboarding friend Francisco (more on them coming soon). After a bit we were ready to rally the troops and begin day two of off piste skiing instruction.

The ski connoisseur Matias took full advantage of Targhee’s slopeside rental shop, trying four different demos by mid day. I myself demoed a pair of Volkl 108s from the shop and was loving them. Time flew by and before we knew it we were loosening our boots in Snorkels and diving into day two’s video analysis.

Video Analysis: Before & After

Day 1 of Video Analysis                                                           Day 2 of Video Analysis

Video analysis comparison showed that I wasn’t just feeling better on my skis, but looking better too. In my opinion, my skiing improved tenfold within a day’s time in the camp. The picture on the left shows day one. I tend to lift my leg when turning instead of letting the skis guide me. I also tend to sit too far back, and lose control of my poles in the process. In the picture on the right, my ski tips are down, I am sitting in a more open position, keeping better control on my ski poles, and sitting a bit more forward. At this point in the camp I’ve begun to develop a feeling for right and wrong form which has allowed me to consciously work towards bettering my technique.

Day Two Complete:

With the day done, we were all ready for a hot shower and bed. We said our goodbyes and Kevin and Matias began their quick stroll over to their conveniently located slopeside lodging, while I made the trek down the hill. We all left grinning in anticipation for day three of the Knowledge is Powder Camp, a Cat Skiing Adventure.

Stay tuned to hear about day three’s Cat Skiing Adventure, including not but limited to fresh powder, big smiles and a fireside lunch.

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Emily joined Grand Targhee’s team after making the decision to move across the country in search of a place where she’d be able to fuse her passion, work, and love for the mountains into one. She’s decided, life at Targhee definitely beats the rat race she came from.