Skinny to Fat: The Targhee Diet

The Early Days:

My journey as a skier began in the Poconos of Pennsylvania when I was 14. It wasn’t until I became financially independent in college that I was able to begin fully persuing my passion. First came trips up the east coast with summers spent anticipating the next time I could feel the wind against my face as I flew down the mountain. Learning to ski on the east coast has it’s own pros and cons, ‘born from ice’ is a term we’re all too familiar with. Occasionally, I’d get a taste of skiing large amounts of the fluffy white stuff, and although amazed, wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Regardless of my struggle, I immediately knew the feeling of floating through champagne powder was one I’d chase for the remainder of my skiing days.

The Move to West Coast Snow:

When I came to visit family in the Teton Valley only a few short years ago, the vastness and beauty of the area humbled me instantly. That trip the hill received 32 inches in 72 hours, and I was in awe of the scope of western skiing.  I learned then that my journey as a skier was just beginning and that Grand Targhee was the place I needed to be. So I made the move. Today I work for the mountain, and am lucky to ski four or five days a week. My legs have adapted to the terrain here, but I remain more confident on some good old corduroy. Forming new habits is not easy, having cut my teeth on the east coast.

Knowledge is Powder:

As my passion grows so do my goals as a skier, and Grand Targhee’s “Knowledge is Powder” Off Trail Camp seemed like the next step in my progression. I signed up for three full days of early tracks, coached off trail exploration, video analysis of my form, cat skiing and more. The camp is offered to intermediate skiers or above who look to better their powder skiing skills. I find comfort in the fact that I am not alone when it comes to being new to fat skis and shots of snow to the face, and I look forward to meeting others at the camp this weekend that share a similar sentiment as I do. With a storm system currently overhead that will continue to dump snow on the mountain all weekend, I am both eager and anxious to start this camp. But, what better place to improve your powder skills than on the hill that currently holds the most snow in the Rockies!?

Stay Tuned:

Follow me this weekend as I join in the Knowledge is Powder Camp. Check out Grand Targhee’s story on Instagram for real time footage from the hill, and keep an eye out for blog posts that highlight my experience.

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Pray for snow!

Emily joined Grand Targhee’s team after making the decision to move across the country in search of a place where she’d be able to fuse her passion, work, and love for the mountains into one. She’s decided, life at Targhee definitely beats the rat race she came from.