Snowmaggedon: The Sequel

How soon we forget. The elders of the mountain still speak in those hushed tones, through beards full of frost and the gravelly tones of those who have seen Winters where snow swallowed everything in sight. Leaving a world devoid of color, the snow creating a white expanse of nothing. They emerged from the original Snowmageddon clutching skis and boards tightly, taking those first tentative steps into a new world, a world unmoored from the couplings of society, where there were no friends, only powder and the maniacal pursuit of it.

When all cowered in fear through the powder-starved months of November and December, looking skyward for answers and a single snowflake falling from the sky, finally heralding the return to the days of bottomless powder. For no one believed anymore. No one trusted those old fables of Targhee. Where the snow was endless. All hope was lost.

But the Targhee fables are true, as they always are. The snow would come. And it did. And, once again, the tribes of mountain people clambered from the depths of their shelters, squinting into the sky as snowflakes once again blotted out the sun, stepping into 107” of that light Teton powder, fallen since the first days of 2020. Steeling themselves against this monstrous storm cycle, they attached themselves to those strange instruments of snow-sliding and ripped and slashed their way down the mountain.