Terrain Park Update – 12.29

Spinning, grinding, buttering, flipping, oh my! Welcome to the new Grand Targhee terrain park blog highlighting both Targhee’s terrain parks, as well as other natural terrain found all over the mountain. This will be a (mostly) weekly publication, with updates on newly-installed terrain park features as well as stories, profiles, and edits concerning all things freestyle on the mountain. I, snow reporter Emil, will be your humble host, granting all a glimpse behind the curtains into the innovative, maybe even a little mad, minds of Grand Targhee’s terrain park crew. 

Sweetwater Terrain Park

What to look forward to; with recent accumulations of snow, the terrain park crew is now able to put in a proper jump line. Most likely a line of 15ft, 20ft and 20ft jumps. The build is anticipated over the weekend, so it should be shreddy-ready by Monday & the New Year!   

Surely you will have noticed by now that our Sweetwater Terrain Park is looking like it was pulled straight from the pages of a Dr. Seuss story. Volcano-like mounds dissolve in skate-influenced bowls and quarterpipes with multiple options through each line; this is all intentional, of course. The transition between traditional park features (rails/boxes, tabletops, stepdowns) and more progressive features (waves, bowls) provides for a more unique, natural flow; float some big tricks over a tabletop, grease a box, then chill it out with a surf-slash in the bowl before jumping back into more jumps and rails.

For this upcoming week, Sweetwater will have multiple rail lines; urban-on down box, urban-on rail, c-box, banked elbow rail, flat-down lift tower/tube, and in the jump department, a 15ft dual-takeoff tabletop, a hip, several volcanoes with the larger jump line coming in hot as we approach the New Year.

Snow or shine, the Targhee park crew keeps things looking sharp and fresh. Here’s a tasty sample of a few rail features currently available in Sweetwater terrain park.

North Pole Terrain Park

North Pole terrain park has been crafted with both little and big waveriders in mind. Features right now include surfable hips, bowls, and corners with smaller rails and boxes interspersed throughout. Several options for tapping and stalling, including a hip with an inset mailbox/rail give this park a more skateboard-oriented flow, as well as the smaller progression features for those learning the fine art of shred.