Terrain Park Update – 3.20

It’s sure feeling like Spring around Grand Targhee and, with Spring, comes sunny days and soft, soft snow. There is not a more perfect time to ski terrain park than the hallowed weeks of mid-March through closing day. As powder becomes few and far between, the terrain park becomes a bastion for all those rockin’ flashy glasses, sick sticks, and rad tricks. The terrain park boys certainly know this; that’s why they’re taking the next several weeks as their time to shine. With a series of freestyle-related events through the remainder of the season and the festivities and hotdogging that occur naturally when sunshine meets wiggle meets Hollywood-style park laps under the lift, boy, do we have some good-times headed our way!

Sweetwater Terrain Park

What to look forward to; Hear ye! Hear ye! Sweetwater terrain park has a hot, new look! The jump line has been perfected for those Spring-time Hollywood airs underneath the chairlift. The Terrain Park Takeover was a hoot-and-a-half, and many of the features set for the event have remained in the park. The terrain park crew will continue to shift and replace many features in Sweetwater as the warm-and-softness progresses, keeping everything fresh and shreddable! 

North Pole Terrain Park becomes point break

It’s high tide at the North Pole terrain park and it will soon be completely inundated by waves, rollers, transitions and walls for the 2nd Annual Teton Surf Classic. It’s that time of the season when the traditional jumps/rails give way to an exquisite concoction of  snowy surfbreaks and a big ole’ skatepark full of bowls and walls. The event will be held on Sunday, March 31st and, after that, North Pole will remain a surfy hodge-podge of breakers and glassy walls for all you landlocked snurfers.. Rejoice in the party wave!

not-to-miss events

2nd Annual Teton Surf Classic, 3/31 – C’mon up and ride the party wave in North Pole terrain park! A transition-inspired course will be set and judges will be looking for those that can carry speed, with style and flow, through the course. No big air here; only chill vibes and tasty lines through the park. Registration is open NOW. HELMETS REQUIRED.

Sick Trick Comp. on the Trap Deck, 4/7 – It’s time to get those 80’s songs looping through your head; those ones that played in the background of every old-school ski flick as backscratchers, spread eagles, and iron crosses flashed across the screen. Several special features will be constructed outside the Trap, daring competitors to throw their sickest old-school tricks to the adoration of crowds on the Trap deck. Better yet, the event is free and there is a whole pirate’s treasure of loot to be had. Registration is day-of event. HELMETS REQUIRED.

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