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Grand Targhee Property Management is the leading Property Management Company for Teton Valley, including Driggs, Victor, and Tetonia, offering year-round management services including Short-Term Vacation Rental Management, Long-Term Property Management, Homeowner’s Association Management, and Caretaking Services. With several years of combined Property Management experience, we are fully prepared to manage all of your needs and exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves in offering superior services and creating a personal and “local” experience for all of our guests and homeowners. We are committed to offering quality client services, exceeding the guest experience, being environmentally sustainable, and efficient. Our inventory includes homes, condominiums, and town-homes in the Teton Valley area. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our Property Owner’s while creating an experience for our guests that create memories and repeat visits.

Why choose Grand Targhee Resort Property Management

As a company of Grand Targhee Resort, we package activities, tickets, and lodging for our guests.

  • Several years of combined property management experience
  • Established and nurtured vendor and contractor relationships
  • 24-Hour Service
  • Fair Housing, Landlord, and Tenant Laws
  • Quality, thorough, routine maintenance and housekeeping
  • We offer current and real projections for your property
  • Strategic advertisement/promotion of your vacation rental to maximize exposure and revenue
  • Exclusive benefits to Property Owner’s

Short-Term Vacation Rental Management

We pride ourselves in quality, personal, and thorough service to you, the homeowner, your property, and our guests. We handle every aspect of renting and managing your property including Housekeeping, Maintenance, Accounting, and Marketing. See below for additional information regarding our Short-Term Vacation Rental Program. Services Include:

  • Marketing

    Our team works strategically and aggressively to market and advertise your property. As part of Grand Targhee Resort we are able to package promotional offers such as lift tickets and lodging in order to offer each guest a competitive and viable option.

  • Housekeeping

    Included in our contract housekeeping departure cleans for each guest as well as arrival inspections. Our staff will also inspect each unit prior to arrivals and secure the unit upon each departure.

  • Maintenance

    As part of our contract, we provide, at the very minimum, one property assessment per month. During the winter months, we offer freeze checks for anytime the temperature drops below freezing to ensure the property is heated and secure. Project Management is available for larger projects. We have an array of vendor and contractor relationships for outside requested services.

  • Accounting

    We handle all of the accounting for your property including processing monthly revenue, payments, and charges. We will email each homeowner an Electronic Monthly Statement and mail each owner their revenue checks by the 15th of each month. Homeowner’s can also process payments online via our Homeowner website.

  • Homeowner Website

    Homeowner’s have 24/7 online access to their monthly statements, newsletters, and reservations. Each homeowner has access to viewing and booking reservations for themselves and their guests.

  • Property Manager

    You will be assigned a Property Manager who is responsible for managing and coordinating all of the above departments. She will be the liaison between the homeowner and each GTR department as well as ensuring that each guest is completely satisfied with their accommodations and experience. In addition, she will perform annual property evaluations and inventory each property. Your property manager can also work as your asset manager and make recommendations to improve your homes long-term value and increase revenue.

Long-Term Property Management

Grand Targhee Property Management has the infrastructure of top notch people and well developed systems to do the job right. We manage all aspects of your rental including managing the money, tenant, and the property. Services include:

  • Payment Management

    We ensure the homeowners promptly receive their Electronic Monthly Statement via email and their revenue checks are mailed by the 15th of each month. We will send Year End Cash Flow Statements for tax preparation. We also have well established rent collection policies to ensure proper and timely collection of rent on behalf of you.

  • Tenant Management

    We enforce the terms of the lease, collecting rent, assessing and collecting late fees (if applicable). We will manage safety issues and guide tenants for HOA guidelines as well as manage eviction processes if necessary. In addition, we will also complete a move-out inspection and any disputes over security deposits.

  • Maintenance Management

    We handle routine and unexpected maintenance issues. We oversee contractor rehabs, renovations, and major replacements. We have close relationships with our vendors and contractors. We will perform a property assessment at least once per month and schedule any preventative maintenance necessary. Caretaking and Private Housekeeping: Our Caretaking Program is offered for the homeowner who wants to ensure their home is safe and secure while away. We will ensure your property is safe, sound, and in good working order. Services include:

  • Contract/Lease Management

    We work closely with the homeowner to structure a plan that balances all parties’ needs.

  • Peace of Mind

    Grand Targhee Property Management stands in and shoulders the obligations so you can rest at ease while away from home.

  • Vendor Services & Project Management

    We have a strong relationship with our local vendors and contractors and can assist you with any Project Management needs you may have.

  • Private Housekeeping

    We offer detailed, efficient, and superior Private Cleaning Services. We charge per hour and can handle anything from a studio apartment to a multi-room luxury home.

Homeowner Association Management

Our Home Owner Association (HOA) Program offers services to manage Association needs in Teton Valley and surrounding area. We handle everything from accounting to scheduling projects and running board meetings.  Our Services include:

  • Accounting

    We work with the Board to develop, manage, and implement the Association’s budget. We will also collect membership dues and manage all correspondences with the Homeowner’s regarding these items.

  • Vendor Services & Project Management

    We work closely with our local vendors and contractors and can assist the Association with Project Management from small projects to larger capital improvement projects.

  • Snow Removal

    We manage all snow removal needs for the Association.

  • Meetings

    We assist with the scheduling of all HOA meetings and attend each meeting to collect notes and help run the meeting effectively and efficiently.

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further to discuss your property management needs.

Grand Targhee Property Management


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