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Season Pass Protection Policy

We want to see you skiing and riding, but we understand that the unpredictable happens, sometimes preventing you from utilizing your season pass.

Grand Targhee Pass Protection coverage offers qualifying individuals a credit for the cost of the unused portion of your Grand Targhee season pass. Grand Targhee Pass Protection is non-transferable and non-refundable.

What is pass protection?

Pass protection gives Grand Targhee Season Pass purchasers the opportunity to get a credit towards their 2024/25 Season Pass under qualifying circumstances as defined below. Pass protection requests must be received before March 1, 2024. 

When can I purchase pass protection?

Pass protection is offered at the time of your Season Pass purchase. If declined during the initial transaction, you have 30 days to add Pass protection to your Season Pass. If you do not add it within 30 days, we cannot sell it to you later. 

what does pass protection cost?

Pass protection is roughly 6% of the Season Pass price.

Pass Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3


$58 $67 $91


$33 $40 $56


$33 $40 $56


$25 $32 $44


$16 $23 $36

What if I decline/do not have pass protection?

If Pass Protection is declined during the initial transaction, you have 30 days to add it to your Season Pass. If you have passed your 30-day grace period, and do not have Pass Protection, your pass is ineligible for a credit. Pass Protection will not be offered once your 30-day window has expired. No exceptions will be made. 

Am i eligible for pass protection credit?

Pass Protection is for the passholder only and does not include other family members such as a spouse, domestic partner, child, spouse’s child, domestic partner’s child, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchild, stepbrother, stepsister, stepparents, or parents-in-law.  

Grand Targhee Season Pass holders who did purchase Pass Protection are eligible for a credit under the following circumstances: 

1. Injury or Sickness such that the Passholder can no longer ski/snowboard for the remainder of the season, or the death of a participating Passholder. For the Pass Protection Program: i) “Injury” means a bodily injury, caused by an accident and resulting directly and independently of all other causes, which is covered by Pass Protection Program and requires treatment by a Doctor; ii) “Sickness” means an illness, disease, or injury, which requires treatment by a Doctor; and iii) “Doctor” means a licensed medical practitioner, acting within the scope of his or her license, which person may not be the Reserving Guest, Family Member, or Traveling Companion. 

2. Passholder is involuntarily terminated, laid off, or involuntarily relocated by an employer-initiated decision (defined below). Passholder must have been an active employee for the same employer for at least one year prior to purchasing the Pass Product and the Pass Protection Program. Job separation must occur following the effective date of coverage. Coverage is not applicable to temporary employment, independent contractors, or self-employed persons. Relocation of Passholder’s primary residence must be at least 300 miles further in distance from Grand Targhee Resort than Passholder’s primary residence at time of purchase (as determined by a Google Maps search). 

3. Passholder is called to active military service, or military leave is revoked or reassigned. 

4. Passholder has a pregnancy, complication of pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnancy, complication of pregnancy or childbirth must occur after the Passholder’s effective date of coverage.  

All requests must be received before March 1, 2024. 

Exclusions from coverage:

A credit towards your 24/25 Season Pass will not be granted: 

  1. Without the purchase of Pass Protection
  2. If you are the family member such as spouse, domestic partner, child, spouse's child, domestic partner's child, brother, sister, mother, father, grandparents, grandchild, stepbrother, stepsister, stepparents, or parents-in-law of the qualifying individual.
  3. If your claim is submitted after March 1, 2024.

how is pass protection credit calculated?

Pass Protection credit is determined by the number of days skied on your pass. Therefore, your credit will decrease based on the number of days it was used. If your pass has not been used, you will receive a credit for the full amount of your 23/24 Season Pass. The percentage credited will be based off the Season Pass price only and does not include the price of Pass Protection, Shipping or Media fees. 

Note: The Season Pass must have fewer than ten uses in the 2023/2024 Winter Season(s) to be eligible for a credit.  

days used percentage of initial pass credited
























All requests must be received before March 1, 2024.  Please fill out the online form below with the necessary information. The form will be emailed to the Season Pass team automatically. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your claim to be processed. The team will reach out to confirm request additional information. If you need to get in touch with us, please email 

How Do I Use my Pass Protection Credit? 

Please call Grand Targhee Resort at 307-353-2300 and a representative will add your Pass Protection Credit to your purchase. Remember that Pass Protection is non-transferable and must be used for the person who filed the claim.  

What if I Can Never Ski/Ride Again Due to Injury? 

Never skiing/riding again means you have sustained a career ending injury. These injuries are of a different caliber and therefore are taken into a different consideration. Please make note of this circumstance in your Pass Protection claim.  

*The Resort reserves the right to reject a claim if any relevant information is false, omitted, or if the claim is submitted after the March 1 deadline.* 

Pass Protection Claim

A Doctor’s verified statement on an official medical letter head, letter from your employer, deployment papers via the US Military, or a completed USPS change of address for involuntary employer initiated relocations, etc.

The Dreamcatcher Lift is open. We strongly suggest that skiers and riders use the open terrain to the north of the Dreamcatcher lift line. There is no easy way down from the top and limited groomed terrain, so please ski with caution.