Targhee Bike Park with IMBA Epic cross country and freeride trails

https://www.grandtarghee.com – Here is a story about Harlan, Andy & Bryce, poor trailbuilders, barely kept their families fed, then one day they were shootin at some food, and up through the Tetons came a bubblin crude. Brown pow that is, flow gold, miles of dirt ribbon.

Well the first thing you know ol riders are catchin’ air, Kinfolk said “move over here” Said “Tetons is the place you ought to be” So they loaded up the truck and moved to Targhee.

Chutes & Ladders trail opening this Saturday along with Grand Targhee Bike Parks ride clinics. Gary from Mountain Habitat kicks it with some quick info about the 101 and 201 bike clinics available at Grand Targhee Resort.