Grand Targhee Bike Rentals

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just trying out the sport, Grand Targhee and Habitat offer premium rental and demo bikes that will suit your needs. With offerings from Santa Cruz, Juliana, Yeti, Rocky Mountain, and Kona, you’re sure to get the quality, performance, and fit you’re looking for. Traveling in a group? Parties of four or more need to book rental and demo bikes 24 hours in advance to ensure availability by calling 307-353-2300 ext. 1385.

If you’re looking to explore the singletrack beyond Grand Targhee’s boundaries, Habitat also offers car rack rentals to ease transit. For all rentals and questions, please contact the professionals at Habitat.

Habitat Driggs: 208.354.7669

Habitat Mountain: 307.353.2300 ext 1385


Bike Rental Options & Pricing Afternoon Half Day Full Day
Santa Cruz V10, Rocky Mountain Maiden, or Kona Operator
$79 $99 Rent Here
Santa Cruz Nomad, Santa Cruz Bronson, Santa Cruz Hightower, Yeti SB 5.5, Yeti SB 5 LR, Yeti SB 150, YETI SB130, Juliana Strega, Juliana Roubion, Juliana Joplin, Rocky Mountain Pipeline, Rocky Mountain Instinct, Rocky Mountain Altitude, Kona Process 153
$69 $89 Rent Here
 Kona Shred 24 – 20
$39 $49 Rent Here
Rocky Mountain Reaper, Kona Process
$39 $49 Rent Here
ROAD/TOWN BIKEAvailable at Habitat Driggs location $25 $35 208.354.7669


Safety Equipment and Accessories Afternoon Half Day Full Day
HELMETS $15 307.353.2300 ext 1385
BODY ARMOR $15 307.353.2300 ext 1385
WEEHOO SINGLETRACK TRAILER $15 307.353.2300 ext 1385