Stick Of Truth

Cleared Daily at 9am (during winter operations). The Stick of Truth is supposed to be fun. It's not an official snow measurement. We manage the Stick of Truth as often as we can. If the cam is down, there may be snow on the lens or any number of other issues. We will address them as soon as we can, no need to message us or comment!  


Habitat / Colter

Teton Valley View

Teton Pass

Teton Pass Webcam


Uphill access is now open until further notice. Please review our uphill policy and remember that the resort is closed. You are skiing at your own risk. 

The snow access at the base area will be limited due to ongoing construction projects. The recommended uphill route is the Teton Vista Traverse. Active heavy equipment, winch cables and other dangerous equipment will be on the mountain, so please ski with caution at all times.