Three people fat biking along a snow trail

Fat Biking

Fat Tired Freedom

We were the first ski resort in the United States to embrace and endorse winter fat bikes on our Winter Sports Trail System. In Alta, Wyoming, biking is a year-round sport, and fat bikers enjoy access to over 9 miles of groomed Nordic track and over 6 miles of singletrack trails.

Fat bikers must purchase one of the following to ride our Winter Sports Trail System: a Full Mountain Lift Ticket, Winter Season Pass, Nordic Trail Ticket or a Nordic Season Pass.

Purchase Tickets

Please check the Lifts & Trails Report for the most accurate information and trail status.

    Bikers and nordic skiiers use a winter resort trail

    Need a two-wheeled steed? Stop by Teton Mountain Outfitters for on-mountain fat bike rentals or Habitat in Driggs to rent fat bikes. Along with our resort, numerous trails throughout Teton Valley offer winter fat bike riding. Once you have ridden Jolly Green Giants, The Core, Hamster Loop and the Rick’s Basin trails, we recommend heading down Ski Hill Road to the Teton Canyon Trail as an alternative. Or, chuck on the headlamps and have a roll at night around Jolly Green Giants to see the valley lights.

    Fat Bike Rentals


    • Helmets are encouraged and recommended.  
    • Bikes should yield at all intersections. 
    • Bike Lane: Ride to the left of the classic track and yield to all skiers. Stay to the right side of the trail around corners in case of oncoming skiers. 
    • Do not ride on the classic track. Only ride on designated singletrack trails. 
    • Ride Rick’s Basin Loop and Quakie Loop counterclockwise only. This is the best direction for the least amount of hill climbing and the best downhill. 
    • Please let the track set–up until 10:00 am on the mornings when the track is groomed. 
    • Do not ride in soft conditions. Hard-packed conditions on trails with 2″ of new snow are allowed, but more than 2″ makes climbing and descending very difficult. During a snow cycle, 12″ or more with freshly groomed trails can be too soft. If you are leaving a rut, the trail is too soft to ride. 
    • Fat bikes must have tires that are 3.7″ or wider. 
    • Fat bikes need to keep tire pressure between 3 and 7. You should be able to crease the sidewall when squeezed.  If you are leaving a rut, reduce air pressure in your tires. 
    • Standard mountain bikes and e-bikes are not allowed on trails. 



    • Nordic Trail ticket or Season Pass is required to access the Winter Sports Trail System.  
    • Hours of operation: 9:00am – 4:00pm daily. 
    • The Grand Targhee Resort’s Winter Sports Trail System will be closed when it snows more than 3″. 
    • Nordic trails are typically groomed, and the classic track set, on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, conditions permitting. 
    • Resort boundaries are not marked. It is recommended to stay on designated trails. 
    • Trail system is Share the trail. Treat other users with courtesy and respect. 
    • Keep the volume on your headphones at a reasonable level. 
    • Dogs are not permitted on trails. 
    • Over-snow vehicles may be encountered at any time, please give them plenty of space.  

    Grand Targhee is CLOSED for summer operations. We reopen for the winter on November 17th! 

    -Lower service road from Lot 3 to Shoshone lift is closed to all users for utility construction. Exposed utility lines and trenches present. Do not enter this area.
    -Access to Rick’s basin trails or Tall Cool One is via Pika Traverse at the bottom of Dreamcatcher.
    Conveyor Lift construction zone is expanding. Please stay out of fenced areas for your safety.