Thank you for your interest in Grand Targhee Resort Employee Housing! We are excited to be able to offer brand new housing units, that sport a Mountain-Modern feel and offer spacious rooms with individual walk-in closet space and bathrooms to employees. Housing is conveniently located in Driggs proper, close to stores, and GTR shuttle stops. 


  • Utilities: Electric (up to $125 per unit), Water, Gas, Garbage, and Snow Removal
  • Smart TV
  • Each room has their own private bathroom
  • Living Room and Bedroom Furniture + Closet Space
  • New Appliances and Cookware/Utensils
  • Washer & Dryer 


  • Contact: Human Resources
  • Phone: 307-353-2300 ext. 1363
  • Email:
  • Once you have secured a position of employment at Grand Targhee Resort, you will be sent a New Hire/Rehire email with the Housing Application attached. If you are in need of housing, please complete and return the application to

What do I need to provide?

Cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper products, closet hangers, personal items, linens, etc.

What else should I know? (HINT: These are very important!)

  • Security deposit, application fee, and prorated rent are required PRIOR to move-in. If you fail to provide payment for all of these requirements in full, you will be denied housing.
  • Employee housing is provided on a first-come first-served basis with limited availability. Please contact Grand Targhee Human Resources for all special requests.
  • Care and cleanliness standards are strictly enforced to preserve the condition of housing and the satisfaction of other tenants and patrons. Regular in-unit and drive-by inspections can and will occur.
  • Socialization is encouraged, but parties are NOT ALLOWED in employee housing or on the premises.
  • A Manager is available for your maintenance needs and concerns. The Manager is responsible for enforcing all employee housing rules and codes of conduct. Violations of the rules and regulations of Grand Targhee Resort, Grand Targhee or the housing owner and/or entity may result in removal from employee housing.
  • SMOKING (Including vaping) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in or around employee housing. Suspicion smoking will result in immediate removal from the premises.
  • PET-FRIENDLY units are available but are limited.
  • Overnight guests are allowed only with registration and pre-approval by Grand Targhee prior to guest arrival. Each guest may only stay a maximum of two (2) nights per month with the necessary roommate approval. Overnight guests must be at least 18 years of age unless they are legal dependents of the employee in housing.
  • Former employee housing residents may not be considered guests unless expressly authorized by the Manager.
  • Dartboards or other items that can potentially cause damage to the unit are not allowed without prior express written permission from the  Manager. This includes, but is not limited to, power tools, ski waxing equipment, or construction equipment.
  • Parking shall be allowed solely in areas designated by Property Owner and vehicle registration is mandatory.
  • Removal from Employee Housing for failure to abide by the rules, regulations, or codes of conduct will result in forfeiture of security deposit.

For additional information, please contact us via email directly:

Grand Targhee Resort offers all employee housing on an Equal Housing Opportunity Basis.