A ski and snowboard tune shop

Ski & Snowboard Tune Shop

Skis feeling sticky? Board needing an edge sharpening? Swing on by our Pro Tune Shop in the lower level of Rendezvous Lodge to get your equipment repaired by our pro ski & snowboard technicians. Our techs provide the area’s most professionally equipped, full-service shop for fixes, adjustments, and enhancements. 

A skier buttering through powder snow

Happy Feet, Happy Life

Feet hurt? The boot fitters at Teton Mountain Outfitters know that ski and snowboard boots don’t have to torture your feet. Our boot fitters have years of combined experience and guarantee 100% satisfaction. How do they guarantee their work? They will work with you until your boots reach optimal performance and extreme comfort. The team at Teton Mountain Outfitters can help with custom foot-beds, cuff alignment, canting, and shell modifications. Call 307.353.2300 ext1383 to make an appointment today.