Targhee Fest Brings The Funk! Boogie Down With Funk Music Legends

This Targhee Fest might actually require some pre-fest conditioning and training; with two of the headlining acts belting out vibrant, bouncy funk with an endless groove, there’s a good chance arms and legs will twirl to the overwhelming power of funk. So, get those stretches in, because once the music hits it will be go, go, go!

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe will be paying homage to the Allman Brothers Band at Targhee Fest, hence the moniker of “Eat a Bunch of Peaches”; a reference to the Allman Brothers Band’s release “Eat A Peach.” Being a limited series of engagements, these funky renditions of the Allman Brothers Band’s music will have a finite existence, so it’s best to catch them live at Grand Targhee before they’re gone!



funkyMETERS have a long, storied history of blasting funk to the masses. Though members and the band name have changed (slightly), the power and infectiousness of their music remains. These guys are literally the history of funk; credited as being among some of funk’s originators while members of The Meters in the 60’s & 70’s. In late 80’s, they reunited as the funkyMeters and from there it’s all history, as they say. They’ll be taking center stage at Targhee Fest, wielding their vast powers of musicianship and boogie-inducing tunes.


Here is the opportunity to experience not one, but two, legendary creators of funk music playing in the beautiful Tetons. If there wasn’t enough reason to grab some Targhee Fest tickets, with an already respectable line up, the inclusion of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and funkyMETERS adds that last, most important ingredient; the energy, danceability, and closeness that culminates the Targhee Fest experience each day.

This story was written by Emil Harry. Part-time snow reporter for Grand Targhee in the Winter and, now, a purveyor of Targhee’s music-filled Summer.