Three Days At The Ghee

Day 1 -Time to Exhale

Day 2 -Full Of Fun

Day 3 -Not Done Yet

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Stretch The Legs

Welcome to the Ghee! Whether you just put in some long hours behind the wheel or flew into one of the regional airports you’re probably ready to stretch your legs and breath that fresh mountain air. Get out and enjoy a relaxing walk in the woods to get into the swing of mountain living. With miles on miles of multi-use trails, there is something for everyone.

Guided Hikes: Enjoy a guided hike from one of our resort naturalists on the Bannock Trail or a Blooms and Birds Hike. 

Bannock: For those looking to gain some vertical right away this designated hiking-only trail is a 3.2-mile burner to the top of the Dreamcatcher chair. However, you can turn around whenever you start to feel the burn. Enjoy everything from fields of wildflowers to a high alpine setting above the treeline. You’ll see it all on Bannock.

Get after it!

With mild temperatures and plenty of daylight, Teton Valley lends itself to all-day adventures. Start by snagging coffee, breakfast burritos, and a snack to go at Snorkels in the main plaza. Once again, you’ve got options here at Targhee. The hard part is choosing how to spend your day. Our advice is to choose two of the following activities. 

Grand Targhee Bike Park: With 17 miles of designated downhill biking trails, you can save your legs and take advantage of chairlifts in the summertime. Even if you are not a savant on two wheels there are trails built for riders of all levels. You can rent bikes and all the gear at Teton Mountain Outfitters.

Horse Rides: Saddle up and enjoy the views via horseback. You’ll be guided by Hayden and Kaity Haviland on a beautiful ride. Wind through the aspen groves and open meadows filled with wildflowers while on the trail. 

Before You Go 

We hate to see you go but before you do you’ve still got time to squeeze a little more fun into your weekend. If you just can’t wait to get back on the biking trails or Disc Golf Course go right ahead. However, you’ve got a few other options to try before you go. 

A Scenic Chair Lift Ride: Start the morning by jumping on the Dreamcatcher chair and take a ride to the top of Fred’s Mountain. Words and pictures simply do not do it justice. Make sure to bring a layer, water, and closed-toed shoes to make the most of your time on the summit. 

The Nature Center: A hidden gem in the base area, the Nature Center is the perfect place to learn about the ecosystem in the area. Get an in-depth look at the area’s wildlife, trees, birds, and flowers.

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Do Dinner Slopeside

After a day filled with plenty of travel and trail time, you’ll have earned a meal at the Branding Iron Restaurant. Located in the main plaza at Targhee the Branding Iron is home to some of the best food in the valley. The menu features in-house specials, including fresh local ingredients and Wyoming-raised beef.  A full-service bar serves up tasty cocktails, local brews, and an impressive wine list. The little ones also have a full menu of their own. Reservations are recommended this season, so please call ahead.  

Dealer’s Choice

If you want to call it a night and relax all the power to you. Maybe a nightcap at the Trap Bar or a soak in the hot tub is calling your name. The beauty of it is that you have options when ending your first day in Wyoming. 

 Disc Golf: Take a stroll on our 18 Hole Disc Golf Course. The course is diverse as it winds around the lower part of the mountain. At 8,000 feet above sea level, you’ll have no trouble throwing for distance.

Is Anyone Hungry?

Trap Time: Not to breeze over lunch but when recreating at Targhee the Trap Bar and Grill is a no-brainer. Have a cold beer, a tasty burger, and make sure to order the famous Wydaho Nachos while enjoying the sunshine on the deck. 

A Night On The Town: As you will know by now the grub at Targhee is darn good and the food down in Teton Valley is no different. Take a drive down to the town of Driggs, ID and enjoy yourself. Pick from some of the local favorite spots like Forage, Tatanka, Citizen 33, and Warbirds. 

The Kids Zone: If you’ve got young ones then we’ve got you covered. Our climbing wall, bungee trampoline, and the mining company are built with young adventurers in mind. Whether they want to get upside down, test their skills, or acquire some new knowledge these activities do not disappoint.

Come Back Soon!

Well done. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed a relaxing yet jam-packed weekend at the Ghee. As you can hopefully attest to, the summers are worth the journey. As wonderful as these summer months can be many people would say that winter is even better. Hit the slopes via skis or snowboard or choose from a variety of other winter activities. We look forward to seeing you again. 

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