1-2-3 Ski and Ride Program presents best deal of the winter for beginners

Back again for the ’21-’22 winter, the 1-2-3 Learn to Ski and Ride Program celebrates January as Learn to Ski and Snowboard month at Grand Targhee Resort.

Brain Maguire, Grand Targhee’s Director of GTR’s Ski and Snowboard School, views this package as a chance for individuals to score a great deal and progress at their own rate.

“If you’re trying to get involved in skiing or riding it’s about the best value out there,” said Maguire. “If you add up all the components and do the math you’re getting a season pass for $100, $150.”

For younger ones, the deal presents an alternative to the Bobcats and Big Cats program, which is a season-long commitment.

“If you’re not sure and that seems like too much of a commitment this is a great way to jump in with both feet and see how you go, and then pace yourself at your own desires going forward and not be locked into a program that will run the whole season,” said Maguire.

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Photo: Cody Downard

For $599, beginner skiers and riders secure 3 group lessons, and upon completion of the 3rd lesson, they get a ’21-’22 winter season pass.

To qualify for the deal, participants must have not ever had a Grand Targhee Resort season pass. The package can be purchased starting Wednesday, December 8th. All 3 lessons must be completed during the month of January.

Group lessons will run 2 hours for adults and 2.25 hours for juniors. The package must be purchased by calling the resort, and the deal is open to those aged 6 and older. Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspects of the 1-2-3 are not the discounts or the balance of commitment, but the removal of barriers of entry into the world of skiing and snowboarding. Two of those barriers are getting the right equipment and gaining access to the mountain.

1-2-3 takes care of both of these concerns, as rental equipment and Shoshone-only tickets are provided as a part of the deal.

You’ll be learning with the help of high-quality instruction from GTR instructors who prepare participants to learn at their own pace after the lessons are completed.

“You get some real assistance at working through a couple of the first thresholds,” said Maguire. “Obviously learning to ski, once you get enough mileage as to where you can circulate throughout the novice zone, things start to get a lot easier.”

“You have a foundation to build on while being with an instructor and not endangering yourself or others out there,” said Maguire.

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Photo: Shannon Corsi

Building that foundation is an essential step in not only learning but also loving to ski and ride. Even so, instructors are there to instruct, and Maguire recommended that participants prepare ahead of time to get the most out of their lessons.

Maguire urged that keeping expectations in check is imperative to having fun, which is why we all ski and ride.

“You should prepare yourself mentally, and not have strong ideas about what success or non-success is all about,” said Maguire. “If you can keep your expectations in check, most everybody comes out of it with a very positive experience.”

For the ones that may be a little intimidated by the mountain, Maguire stressed that it is normal to be a little unnerved.

“For people that don’t participate in these sports there is a lot of intimidation,” said Maguire. “it (1-2-3 ski/ride) is a really good way to make sure that you’re not getting in over your head.”

The pathway to success is much easier learned step-by-step instead of going at it on your own.

At the end of the day you want some successes and you want to build on those successes and create a foundation to move forward from,” said Maguire. “With the lesson components in there, it helps prevent you from getting ahead of yourself and taking too large a step.”

“You want to build on a series of positive experiences instead of recovering from negative ones,” said Maguire.

A great way to give yourself an excellent chance of having those positive experiences is with the 1-2-3 program. 

Package Details
  • The package includes three 2-hour group lessons for adults and a 2.25 hour for juniors, daily rental equipment, all-day Shoshone lift tickets and a 2022 season pass
  • The package can be purchased starting December 8, 2021 but must be redeemed during the month of January
  • Must be a beginner skier or snowboarder who has never had a Grand Targhee Resort Season Pass
  • Must complete all three lessons to receive your season pass
  • Ages 6 and over
  • Packages is non-transferable and non-refundable.

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