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Ski Beyond the Ghee

Yöstmark offers professionally guided backcountry tours, avalanche courses, and Nordic and telemark skiing instruction. Based in Driggs, Idaho, on the west side of the Teton Range, Yöstmark Backcountry Tours offers excellent backcountry access to the best powder skiing in the West. Owner Rich Rinaldi and his professional guides and instructors cater to each skier and rider's abilities. Not only can you enjoy some of the best powder skiing in the world, but you will also improve your skiing and snowboarding skills. 

Backcountry: The Best Of Teton Pass


This is the classic Teton Pass tour. A gentle skin away from the pass takes you to your first run and then off to the woods. Edelweiss Bowl is 800 feet of sweet powder skiing and provides easy access to many other bowls with similar pitch and terrain. At the end of the day, you'll either ski back to the pass or follow gravity down to the highway at the base of the pass.

Intermediate skiing skills and basic skinning skills are required.


This is a fantastic tour for skiers who want to explore a bit further away from the traffic of Teton Pass. A flat, rolling tour into the canyon lands you at the bottom of 800’-1,000' runs with incredible tree skiing hidden among the open shots.

Intermediate skiing skills and basic skinning skills are required.


A 1,600' hike up the boot pack leads you to the summit. Skins are not required, so this tour is ideal for snowboarders or skiers who lack touring gear. You'll want a backpack on which you can strap your gear. There are multiple descent options, many offering almost 3,000' of turns down to Teton Pass, where the shuttle will pick you up and take you back to the top of the pass.

Intermediate skiing skills are required.


Mt. Oliver is the local's stash. A skin up through the forest leads to various skiing options, including trees, open bowls, and easy access to many fall-line turns. Even if you don't go all the way to the summit, you'll still find gentle tree skiing, long, steep runs, and everything in-between.

Intermediate skiing skills and basic skinning skills are required.


Taylor Mountain is a Teton Classic. The climb starts from the parking lot and goes for 3,000' to the Taylor Summit. It's a challenging climb, but breaks are taken along the way to enjoy the incredible scenery. Once you break out of the trees, you'll have spectacular views of Teton Valley and the entire Teton Range. The real payoff comes once we strip our skins and make turns in the biggest terrain of Teton Pass.

Advanced skiing and skiing skills are required. Taylor Mountain tours must follow an initial tour day with Yöstmark's guides.


This tour starts with a gentle skin from the top of the Sacajawea Lift to the top of Peaked Peak, where you will strip our skins and make turns down a beautiful powder run toward Teton Canyon. Depending on the group's energy level, we can do multiple laps on the Noodle before skiing back to the top of Peaked for our re-entry to Grand Targhee Resort.

Intermediate skiing skills and basic skinning skills are required.



This is a longer tour that accesses steeper terrain. You climb Mary's via the boot pack and head beyond the ski area boundaries, where a rolling skin takes you to multiple skiing options. If your group is feeling adventurous, you can ski 3,000' to the bottom of Teton Canyon and then skin/skate three miles on a groomed track to the parking lot.

Advanced skiing and intermediate skinning skills are required. Beyond Mary's tour must follow an initial tour day with one of Yöstmark's guides.

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Colter's Escape and 38 Special are closed due to logging, please obey closures.