Conditions Report – February 2, 2018

Mid Season Skiing:

Goodbye January and hello February! We will be smooth sailing into this weekend on powder skis and boards. With a storm total of 7 inches thus far the hill is looking fresh and ready. Highs will reach 30 today and winds are averaging at about 20mph SW. Warmer temperatures do make for a bit denser snow than Targhee is accustomed to, but that won’t stop anyone from blowing through some powder. If you don’t have your own pair of fat skis, simply head over to the rental shop and treat yourself to a pair of demos with a large underfoot, and you’ll be good to go. The NOAA has issued a winter weather advisory that will remain in effect through 5:00pm Saturday and snow remains predicted through the ten day forecast. I suggest a low light goggle for the entirety of this weekend and first half of next week. Don’t wear yourself out now, this is a marathon, not a race!

Grand Targhee Pro Tip:

If ever a storm brings fog, head over to Sacajawea Lift. Tree skiing and lower elevation will help with visibility and ensure you don’t miss a single turn. And if you’re like me and enjoy the magic of skiing in the clouds, more power and powder to you!

Emily joined Grand Targhee’s team after making the decision to move across the country in search of a place where she’d be able to fuse her passion, work, and love for the mountains into one. She’s decided, life at Targhee definitely beats the rat race she came from.