Photo of Jaelin Kauf holding a Silver Jae ski run sign

Targhee's Own Olympian

Raised in Alta, Wyoming our Jaelin Kauf grew up on the slopes here at Grand Targhee. Our local Olympian learned to ski on Shoshone with runs like The Eyeball Forest, Bobsled, and The Bat Cave. It wasn’t long before she was racing down screaming cheetah and skiing the ever so rare bump line in the Good and The Bad. Growing up on a steady diet of Targhee powder days, cat skiing on Peaked Mountain, and group shreds with TVSEF it’s easy to see why she fell in love with the sport of skiing. That love led her to pursue a career in the world of mogul skiing. She made the U.S Ski Team in 2016 and has racked up quite the list of accomplishments since then. 

Portrait of Jaelin Kauf


  • 2022 Olympian – Silver Medalist
  • 2018 Olympian – 7th place finish
  • 7 World Cup Victories
  • 20 World Cup Podiums
  • 3X U.S National Champion 
  • 2019 World Cup Overall – 2nd
  • 2018 World Cup Overall – 2nd
  • 2016 World Cup Rookie of the Year
  • Silver Medal at the 2019 World Championships
  • Bronze Medal at the 2017 World Championships
  • 2x Freestyle Athlete of the Year

U.S. Ski Team Profile and Highlights

Olympian Jaelin Kauf holding a silver medal


  • Ruka, Finland, Dec 02-04, 2022 – Single Moguls & Dual Moguls
  • Idre Fjall, Sweden, Dec 10-11, 2022 – Single Moguls & Dual Moguls
  • Alpe d’Huez, France, Dec 16-17, 2022 – Single Moguls & Dual Moguls
  • Val St. Come, Canada, Jan 27-28, 2023 – Single Moguls & Dual Moguls
  • Deer Valley, USA, Feb 02-04, 2023 – Single Moguls & Duals Moguls
  • Chiesa in Valmalenco, Italy, Feb 11, 2023 – Dual Moguls
  • Bakuriani, Georgia,  Feb 19-Mar 05, 2023 – Single Moguls & Duals Moguls
  • Almaty, Kazakhstan, Mar 17-20, 2023 – Single Moguls & Duals Moguls

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