Teton Surf Classic: Highlight Reel!

Snowboarders and spectators came from far and wide for the first ever Teton Surf Classic, this past weekend. A surf inspired event, the Terrain Park Crew worked to create a park that catered to those that rode with style and flow. Contestants brought the heat; pumping, slashing and throwing their best tricks. All 100 boarder slots filled; there were many great costumes, party laps, and memories made. Due to all of your support and participation, the event was able to generate a grand total of $3,850 that will be donated to TVSEF‘s Snowboarding Program!

We thank all of the competitors, builders, sponsors, volunteers, and the local snowboard community for making the 1st Annual Teton Surf Classic one for the books! We look forward to next year. And if you’re looking for more fun, we’ve got plenty more events lined up through the remainder of Spring Sessions. Enjoy the highlights below of what turned out to be a great event!

Results are listed at the bottom!


Congrats to all of our winners and thank you to all of our participants!


Grom Girls

1. Iris Wells – Rigby, ID

Grom Boys

1. Milo Pierre – Logan, UT
2. Conley Fockefeld – Tetonia, ID
3. Grayson Wells – Rigby, ID

Teen Females

1. Lucy Shultz – Driggs, ID
2. Natalia Van Esten – Pocatello, ID

Teen Males

1. Jake Johnson – Jackson, WY
2. Neo Emery – Jackson, WY
3. Cade Vanetton – Pocatallo, ID


1. Pierre Family – Logan, UT
2. Van Etten Family – Pocatello, ID
3. Abrams Family – Victor, ID

Amateur Women

1. Stephanie Beulow – Victor, ID
2. Mik Wolfhearth – Jackson, WY
3. Lauren Sauser – Darby, MT

Amateur Men

1. Nick “Hugs” Hugus- Bozeman, MT
2. Cory Stewart – Pocatello, ID
3. Ross Buchanan – Seattle, WA

Masters Men

1. Justin Mcquire – Tetonia, ID
2. Dave Abrams – Victor, ID
3. Adam “Hacket Hardbro” Towle – Victor, ID

Masters Women

1. MaryBeth Coyne – Wilson, WY
2. Erin Prissel – Driggs, ID
3. Jennifer Pierre – Logan, UT

Pro Women

1. Camilia Browns – Jackson, WY
2. Micah Anderson – Odgen, UT
3. Cecelia Roy – Victor, ID

Pro Men

1. Cody Lee – Odgen, UT
2. Aaron Hallenbeck – Jackson, WY
3. Sean Loehle – Jackson, WY

Overall Weekend Female Winner (Rubber Legs + TSC)

Camila Browne – Jackson, WY

Overall Weekend Male Winner (Rubber Legs + TSC)

Cody Lee – Odgen, UT