Grooming & Trails Report

*Open 9:00am till 3:30pm Weather Permitting


Trail   Open(15/15) Groomed(9/15)
Blackfoot Traverse - Blackfoot Lift to Williamson pm
Chief Joe Bowl pm
Floyd's Fantasy
Blackfoot Traverse to Chief Joe pm
North Boundary Traverse pm
The Funnel pm
Chief Joe to Blackfoot Traverse pm
Blackfoot Traverse - Williamson to Ravenwood pm
Williamson Bowl pm
Fallen Timber
Powder Cache
Raven Wood pm
Lost Warrior
*Open 9:00am till 4:00pm Weather Permitting


Trail   Open(26/26) Groomed(14/26)
Fred's Chute
Fred's Hideout
The Meadows am
Bird Brains
Sacred Forest
Beginner Basin am
Bat Cave
Lower Exhibition am
Otter Slide
Outback am
Upper Exhibition am
Alley Oop Alley am
Gremlin Gulch
Little Beaver Traverse pm
Wacky Weasel Way
Mouse House
Bear Den
Palmer's Raceway pm
Candy Cane Forest
Little Big Horn am
Rainbow Road am
Bobsled Run am
Big Horn pm
Eyeball Forest
Giant Ant Hills am
Pie Highway am
*Open 9:00am till 4:00pm Weather Permitting


Trail   Open(33/33) Groomed(17/33)
Teton Vista Traverse am
Headwall Traverse pm
Sitting Bull Ridge pm
Lost Groomer pm
Midway Traverse pm
Wandering Moose pm
Wild Willie pm
Six Shooter am
Powder Reserve Traverse am
Slim's Shot am
Painted Pony pm
Mill Creek Traverse am
Happy Hunting Grounds
Rock Garden pm
Short Fuse am
Big Thunder pm
Crazy Horse am
Wild Turkey pm
The Ugly
Nasty Gash
The Good
Middle Earth
Patrol Chute
Crazy Horse Woods
Instructor's Chute
The Bad
Lightning Trees
East Woods
Ladies Waist
The Face
*Open 9:00am till 3:30pm Weather Permitting


Trail   Open(18/18) Groomed(8/18)
Snowdancer - Lower am
Wolverine am
Shadow Woman
Screaming Cheetah
Shaman am
Middle Dreamweaver am
Medicine Bowl
Lower Dreamweaver am
Snowdancer - Upper am
Upper Dreamweaver am
Bird Woman
Wachabe Woods
Northern Lights am
Parking Lot Rocks
Das Boat
*Open 9:00am till 4:00pm Weather Permitting


Trail   Open(2/2) Groomed(2/2)
South Beach am
Papoose am

Fat Bike/Snowshoe Trails

Trail   Open(6/6) Groomed(0/6)
Roundabout (Fat Bike)
Roundabout (Snowshoe)
Jolly Green Giants (Fat Bike)
The Core (Snowshoe)
Jolly Green Giants (Snowshoe)
The Core (Fat Bike)


Trail   Open(6/6) Groomed(6/6)
Hamster Loop am
Snowdrift Loop am
Classic Track Set am
Rick's Basin Loop am
Nordic Connector am
Quakie Ridge Loop am

Terrain Parks

Trail   Open(1/1) Groomed(1/1)
North Pole Terrain Park am


Trail   Open(5/5) Groomed(0/5)
Mary's Nipple
Toilet Bowl

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