Horseback Rides

Haviland’s Western Horseback Riding Adventures

Saddle up for a genuine Western experience unlike any other.  Perfect for the entire family, you’ll enjoy spectacular views and beautiful wildflower meadows. Great for any guest 6 years and older, encourage guests to explore the mountain on a scenic horseback ride with Haviland’s Western Adventures.

Hayden Haviland was born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona. He grew up working a family-owned dude ranch consisting of trail rides, cattle drives, hayrides, carriage rides, cookouts, and gunfights! During the hot Arizona summers, the family would take about 50 of their horses and migrate to Northern Utah where they would run a living historical museum. Using their Shire draft horses the family would perform all the historic farming with authentic horse-drawn equipment.

Hayden now drives the Wells Fargo stagecoach in many of the parades and rodeos in the Western states. His summers are spent on the western slopes of the Grand Tetons providing equestrian activities for Grand Targhee Resort. Hayden married his sweetheart, Kaity in March of 2015. They’ve been Horsin’ around ever since.

Private horseback riding is not allowed on any hiking or mountain biking trails. Children must be 6 years old for the trail rides. 

Horseback Rides
Three Hour Ride
Wishing Well and Rick’s Basin

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Two Hour Ride
Ricks’s Basin
$60307.353.2300 EXT 1WAIVER
One Hour Ride
Wishing Well
$45307.353.2300 EXT 1WAIVER

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